Does Halloran have the best astrology interpretations?

Hi John,

I have been able to take a look at your interpretations for the declination parallels and contraparallels.

Thanks for doing all of that work and research. There are some really great points and finds to be had with these. For myself, there are things explained, that I know are true and accurate, that were not explained by any other means - this holds true for one other client of mine that I have taken a look at.

For my oldest son, there are things that I would have never guessed but that he may definitely be internalizing. So that will help me with my understanding and approach with him.

I have not looked at all of the charts that I have with these new interpretations, but with the ones that I have, I would definitely say that the insights are truly worthwhile and an asset that any Astrologer would find beneficial.

Thanks again John!

- Zack

Hi John,

   I finally sat down and tried [the declination interpretations]. Very interesting. Enhances the possibilities. At first, I left them off and selected the specialized report. However, after reading the additional information, I reconfigured the program to present these aspects every time. Of course, I tried it with my own data first. Had to chuckle. Really accurate, even when it came to weaknesses. Also, it added a few points I hadn't considered in the past. I definitely like the added layers of information. Also, not too wordy but not thin and vague. The narrative's length strikes just the right balance.



I've explored [the declination interpretations] a little, and for myself, I'd say they're spot on. And they definitely "fill in the story" with the rest of the reading.


Hi John,

Your interpretations for parallel and contra-parallel aspects are excellent. I checked my chart and my wife's chart and the descriptions are spot-on! I know you put a lot of effort into researching these aspects and the results well worth it.

Thanks much,



I have read and in some cases reread the declination aspects, they are quite accurate for me except about the alcoholism, I have often joked about taking up drinking,

But that is as far as it has gone. Many of the aspects point toward being an athlete, I was well known for that in my public school, having set a record for the 100mm dash,

And baseball was also something that I was good at, but then most sports i was above average in, except basket ball – never like it – still don't.

It almost seems as though you are in tune with my thinking with what you have added to the program. You have added the features that I would like to have seen added (Sabian symbols, as an example). The only thing I would like to see is some, even if brief description of the asteroids meanings. I know it is a huge undertaking.

Keep up the excellent work.


Hello John

I think John that with the addition of the declination aspects you have created a program that has no equal.

I used my personal Birth chart to create return charts for years that marked some significant milestones in my life.

The declination aspects in my birth chart were representative of me with few exceptions.

The milestone events, passing of parents, critical events of child, were reflected within the declination aspects.

My gift of intuition has served me well since a very young age.

Astrology has been an interest of mine since early adolescence.

I consider you to be a dedicated genius John and appreciate your gift, research and contributions to all of us that love the Science of Astrology.




Excellent job with the Black Moon interpretation set. For me they've really illuminated some important points in a chart. I think most casual astrologers ignore Lilith in a reading. I know I did and mostly because most of my printed reference material didn't cover it. I'm one who tends to try to reconcile events in my own life or the lives of those close to me with chart artifacts and quite often there wasn't a clear correlation between them, until the Black Moon was brought into play. For some things in my personal life these were on the level of "eureka moments", and to some extent to a few I've done readings for as well. It's fun to hear someone say something like, "so that's why......" and this has happened quite a bit with your Black Moon interpretation set.

I'm grateful you took the time to put these together. It's not only been a valuable addition to your other software but has spurred me on to further study and a quest for deeper understanding of Lilith, moon's nodes and other asteroids. I understand you're working on a minor square interpretation set and am most anxious for you to complete that. It's another facet of astrology that seems sorely lacking in other resources and one I believe would also be a great enhancement.


Randall DuCharme (Radio AD5GB)

Hi John,

 Well, so far [the declination aspect interpretations set] has been a great addition. My own are spot on and everyone else I've done these for thus far seems to say the same. It's fun to watch the "skeptical" ones finally admit that "there might be something to this astrology thing after all". One person even felt uncomfortable that I could know things about her that she felt no one else did.

Fantastic work!!

Many thanks!


In a word, intriguing so far!

The interpretations for the Black Moon are right on the mark for me. Surprising, since I have never paid it any attention. One comment noted I am likely to have trouble getting to sleep because my brain is so busy all the time...bingo! When I should be drifting off, I am reviewing the day's events, conversations, or mulling over a chart I'm working on etc.


Dear John,

Am really pleased with the declination interpretations, have been calling up many of the complete text interpretations again & find them mostly really accurate. Funnily enough, for my own chart there is the odd sentence or two which doesn´t really ring true, but of course I realize that one has to look at the developmental level of the person involved and one size doesn´t always fit all. Of course with your texts it is easy to edit things, which I do before giving anyone a copy. Wanted to thank you for the incredible labour of love you have accomplished with these interpretations....very much appreciated.

Best regards


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