Sri Ramana Maharshi and Solar Arc Directions

I ran across the horoscope for Sri Ramana Maharshi when I was researching Neptune parallel Chiron, an aspect that he shares with Carl Gustav Jung. If you have studied mystics and mysticism, you will know that Sri Ramana Maharshi was like the ne plus ultra of Hindu mystics. Here is the natal chart for Sri Ramana Maharshi, born on December 30, 1879:

natal wheel for Sri Ramana Maharshi

What brings the details of the above natal chart into focus is the Solar Arc Directions biwheel for mid-July 1896, when he was 16 and had a 'Death Experience' that profoundly changed him. Solar Arc Directions involves moving every chart point forward by the amount of the progressed Sun's motion since birth. I have found it to be a very powerful technique for timing events.

Solar Arc Directions biwheel for Sri Ramana Maharshi

What we see is that the natal chart has an abundance of planets that are around 9 degrees of their signs, including the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and that by mid-July 1896 they have all moved up by Solar Arc Directions to conjoin and align with natal Pluto at 25 degrees and 45 minutes of Taurus. The natal opposition between Jupiter and Uranus has become exactly aligned with natal Pluto. When alignments like this are present in the natal chart, their Solar Arc Direction contacts produce powerful compulsions that mark definite turning points in a native's life.

The details of the young Sri Ramana Maharshi's death experience can be read here.

Sri Ramana Maharshi had legitimate insights in response to the planetary energies that were strong for him at this time. It does not take away from his insights to show that Hindu mystics respond to the planets. They are not exempt. Sri Ramana Maharshi made the most of what his chart gave him. Many planets in his chart were communicating with the conjunction and parallel of Chiron to Neptune. This is brought out and emphasized by the Western astrology technique of Solar Arc Directions.

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