Astro-Ranking the Category Potentials of Women in History

Version 10.1 of AstrolDeluxe Platinum has used machine learning to determine which astrological aspects are most common within the charts of 108 large categories of people. AstrolDeluxe Platinum can now draw upon those statistical frequencies or signatures to generate a ranked list of potentials for 108 vocational and personal categories for any person's chart. There are 1530 possible aspects for any chart, both zodiacal and declinational. The average person's chart has 70 or 80 actual aspects. The new choice of Vocational Potentials Ranking is now on the Display menu. Your clients can understand these lists with no knowledge of astrology. The astrologer who uses this feature is on the forefront of using artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Click on any of the following well-known women to see their two-page potentials ranking report. You can judge the appropriateness of the category rankings and perhaps gain a new perspective on the woman. When you see, for example, that Scientist_f is a stronger category for Meryl Streep than is the category of Actor_Award, it tells you that Meryl Streep's chart has aspects that are slightly more similar to those that machine processing found in the collection of 190 female scientists than they are to the aspects that machine processing found in the collection of 1025 award-winning actors and actresses. Meryl's chart is also very similar to the 518 charts in the Kids4plusf category and the 585 charts in the Married15plusf category in the Personal Categories section -- in fact Meryl is the mom of four kids and a loving wife to her husband of more than 40 years, Don Gummer. I interpret the fact that Meryl's chart is similar to the 622 charts in the Murder category as a sign that Meryl can be tough.

There is a big difference between potential that is realized and not realized. A woman who does not work to realize a high potential will obviously achieve less than does a woman with only average potential who works to improve. Just because a woman has a high potential to become a scientist, that does not mean that she will train in a related field. Everyone's chart is filled with potential, but all that potential will be unrealized if one never takes a chance - if one does not work hard to pursue what one loves and what one is good at.

To appreciate a person's special orientation, the astrologer should also click on Display, Planet Strengths. One or two planets may rise above the others. Click on the bars for those strong planets in order to get the pop-up lists of harmonious and inharmonious aspects. Then, if you have the add-on interpretations, you can click on those aspects to read about them.

Ada Byron Lovelace
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Dolly Parton
Donatella Versace
Donna Summer
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Elizabeth Warren
Helen Keller
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Ivanka Trump
Jacqueline Susann
Jane Austen
Janet Yellen
Jeanie Buss
Jennifer Lopez
Judit Polgar
Julia Child
Julia Roberts
Katy Perry
Lesley Stahl
Lois Rodden
Marcia Clark
Margaret Mead
Margaret Thatcher
Maria Kay Simms
Marianne Williamson
Marilyn Ferguson
Meghan Markle
Meryl Streep
Nancy Pelosi
Oprah Winfrey
Pamela Anderson
Queen Elizabeth II
Ronda Rousey
Serena Williams
Susan Butcher
Tonya Harding

Thanks are due to all the volunteers who have worked hard to improve the AstroDatabank since Lois Rodden started it. The AstroDatabank has grown to include 74,977 charts, the majority with known birth times.

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