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AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, version 8.3.1, now comes with complete interpretations for the 360 Sabian Symbols. Just double-click on a planet or house degree at the program's Table of Planets and Houses. The Sabian Symbol delineations will come up in the same pop-up control that the program uses to display Alfred Witte's planetary picture delineations for midpoints.

Sabian Symbol Pop-up Display

You can also get the Sabian Symbol interpretation of the strongest degrees in your chart at the Map of Degree Strengths, that is part of AstrolDeluxe Platinum.

The Sabian Symbols are the most well-known and completely developed of the many attempts to assign particular meanings to the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Degree symbolism is a different kind of astrology from your typical Uranus-ruled astrology. It is a more poetic, Neptunian type of astrology in which synchronicity and serendipity rule, as opposed to mathematical cause and effect. For example, there is no scientific reason why Pope Francis should be both the 266th pope and have his Sun in the 266th degree of the Zodiac, Sagittarius 26, where the Sabian Symbol of A Flag-Bearer is very appropriate. The nonrational, Neptunian side of the universe uses synchronicity to let us know that the universe is alive, that there is more happening than just physical cause and effect. Here is the new Pope's complete Sabian Symbol report for Planet Degree Symbolism. The Sabian Symbol images and interpretations provide plenty of helpful hints to astrologers who depend upon their intuition when giving a reading. Here is the Pope's House Degree Symbolism report.

The zodiac degrees for the Ascendant, the House cusps, and the Part of Fortune change about every four minutes. As a result, the astrologer can use the Sabian Symbol degree meanings to rectify an approximate time of birth - I used them to rectify the Pope's birthtime from the reported time of 9:00 PM to 9:05 PM.

I produced the Planet Degree Symbolism pdf report for Pope Francis as follows. After left double-clicking on the degree for the Sun to bring up the pop-up control, I clicked on Get the Rest, which expanded the control and filled it with interpretations for all the remaining planet degrees. Then I clicked up on File and Printer Setup and switched the active printer from the laser printer to my pdf printer driver. Then I clicked down on Print, whereupon Windows asked me for the name to which to save the pdf file.

photo of Marc Edmund Jones around age 26

Marc Edmund Jones worked with professional medium Elsie Wheeler in 1925 to access images for the 360 degrees. Page 334 of The Sabian Symbols in Astrology says, "The pictures which Miss Wheeler saw came from various sources, as far as their substance was concerned. Some were directly out of her own experience, or as she reached out to take them from other minds directly available to her. Some were beyond her range of comprehension and were impressed upon her consciousness, and so were received in distorted fashion or with an overlay of detail which had to be screened out. As events have shown, her total contribution was an exceptional achievement."

chart for Marc Edmund Jones

Dr. Jones has an interesting chart. Born on October 1, 1888 at 8:37 AM in Saint Louis, Missouri, he was part of the first wave of births to have the epochal Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the early 1890s; in his case the conjunction orb is 3d43m and Neptune also opposes Jupiter, with 1d00m orb. He combines this strong Neptune with a tight Talent Triangle focused on Uranus, where the Moon and Saturn are both at 17d Leo conjunct the Midheaven, in trine to Mars in the 2nd House at 14d Sagittarius, and sextile to Uranus on the 12th House cusp at 17d Libra.

In my article https://www.halloran.com/Neptune_conjunct_Pluto_1398_Gutenberg.htm, I wrote about the magically-endowed people who are born approximately every 493 years at the different Neptune-Pluto conjunctions. As with Johannes Gutenberg, to whom the printing press idea came like "a ray of light," Dr. Jones was able to combine science and technology, represented by Saturn and Uranus, with the intuition of Neptune and the broad vision of Pluto. Regarding these Sabian Symbols, Dr. Jones says, "The zodiacal degree symbols supplement the regular analysis of planetary position in the zodiac by presenting a stimulus to intuition in a broadening perspective ...." (The Marc Edmund Jones 500, Volume 1 (1978), page 171)

The program user can add to or change the text in the pop-up window. There is room to add three or four lines of additional text. The text is retrieved from and saved to a file called SABIAN.DAT, which is a 360K size file where the record length is 1K or 1024 bytes. The longest Sabian interpretation was about 600 bytes, which leaves room for the program user to add text. The SABIAN.DAT file will not get overwritten if the program or a new version is installed because the distributed file is called SABSRC.DAT - AstrolDeluxe only copies it to SABIAN.DAT if SABIAN.DAT does not exist. One user has already said that he wants to add alternative degree interpretations, his own observations, and compare to other authors.

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Halloran Software acknowledges guidance and assistance both directly and indirectly from members of the Sabian Assembly in adding the Sabian Symbols program feature.

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