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In The Beginning is a new repository for Halloran's separate male and female research-based aspect interpretations, a project that started ten years ago. In The Beginning first gathered together all the initial research-based aspect interpretations for Chiron, the Moon's Nodes, Black Moon Lilith, Minor Square (45-degree and 135-degree) Aspects, and Declination Parallel and Contraparallel aspects. In the course of writing these aspect interpretations, they gradually started to become more sophisticated and benefit from a large statistical table of actual chart frequencies for different vocational and personal categories found for each possible astrological aspect. That table grew to its full size of 108 categories and 4300 pages [at 10 points] right around the year 2021 inception of the In The Beginning natal report, where version 1 of the report added 300 fully sophisticated male and female Pluto aspects, including to the fast-moving East Point. Version 2 added 280 equally sophisticated male and female Neptune aspects. Version 3 added 260 sophisticated male and female Uranus aspects. Version 4 now adds 240 sophisticated male and female Saturn aspects. The Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn interpretations have revisited and revised the aspect interpretations involving Chiron, the Moon's Nodes, and the Black Moon Lilith, taking into account what the large 108-category statistical table shows. New interpretations do not revisit the already fully sophisticated aspect interpretations involving Pluto, Neptune, or Uranus, which explains why the number of new delineations that had to be written for Saturn were just 240 instead of the 300 written for Pluto.

Apple Computer cofounder Steve Jobs was a well-known personality who had multiple Saturn aspects in his chart, so the following will use his chart to illustrate the new research-based male Saturn aspect interpretations.

Steve Jobs natal chart

Jupiter trine Saturn  (Strength:  5.73)

Like Oskar Schindler, you could be a humanitarian with a conscience.  Many animal lovers, vegetarians, and fathers of adopted children have this aspect.  The aspect gives you a steadfast nature where you can labor at the same task for many years.  Very few men with this aspect get divorced.  You are also less likely to work in law enforcement or at making money with a business.  Many creative architects and inventive pioneers were born with this aspect.  You could invent something that makes life better.  You could be an honest diplomat, politician, lawyer, critic, public speaker, activist, or professional fighter.  You have the intelligence to be a mathematician or an engineer.  You are a generous person.  Do not take good health for granted. The aspect makes it more likely that you will have to deal with cancer or family trauma.

Venus sextile Saturn  (Strength:  4.94)

This aspect gives you a youthful, creative, and exploratory personality.  However, once you make a decision, which you can be quick to do, you stick with it.  This aspect is more likely to work at the same job for ten years or more.  Men with this aspect are more likely to integrate themselves with peers in a constructive way than they are to pursue a personal goal, such as becoming a champion athlete.  The international field of music composition can be perfect for your type of creativity and openness to collaboration.  You can also be a prolific creator in the field of visual arts.  An autodidact is someone who teaches himself and who learns from nature. The aspect is not high in discipline and tends to be skeptical of convention or authority, although many men with this aspect do end up in the military.  Ill-considered and opportunistic actions can put you in prison.  You can be good at marketing because your mind abounds with pitch ideas.  Psychology and astrology could interest you.  You are good at understanding how systems in the everyday world work, which can make you an explorer, engineer, medical professional, architect, lawyer, or pilot.  Abstract research or science for its own sake tends to make you impatient.  Emotional volatility combined with being quick to act gives this aspect a high rate of suicide, although otherwise it corresponds to good health and long life.

Saturn sextile Ascendant  (Strength:  3.85)

This aspect corresponds to a peripatetic existence, in which you move from job to job, or from place to place, like a diplomat.  It may have started in your youth, as this aspect corresponds to family trauma.  You might get yourself into trouble with the law as this aspect is not high in discipline.  You could also move from partner to partner as the divorce rate is high.  The perfectionist film director Brian De Palma, who has been married and divorced three times, has this aspect exact within 8 minutes.  You do tend to be intelligent and this aspect often works as an engineer or as a lawyer.  You could try your hand at being a business entrepreneur, astrologer, psychologist, physician, or award-winning actor.  The career of pioneer Hollywood director and producer D.W. Griffith shows the engineering and entrepreneurial intelligence of this aspect, together with its roller-coaster finances and lifestyle.  You might find a home in law enforcement, the military, or athletics, but this aspect does not stay in one place for long. Although a risk-taker, this aspect scores highly for honesty and can be a perfectionist.

Saturn inconjunct Midheaven  (Strength:  3.66)

This aspect makes you less selfish and more giving.  Many cooks and chefs have this aspect. Divorce is rare.  It makes one unlikely to continuously work at the same job and it makes one undisciplined.  This aspect appears to orient you towards learning and growing.  You try to visualize and approach an ideal.  It is frequent with this aspect to have spiritual experiences. Frequent vocations include chef, product designer, writer, law enforcement agent, healer, singer, poet, pilot, explorer, champion athlete, psychologist, product marketer, and scientist.  You are trying to be a better person.  Depression may be frequent, but criminality is infrequent and alcohol and drug abuse are infrequent.  This 150-degree aspect is integral to the Yod aspect pattern.  It is interesting that Steve Jobs had an exact Yod pattern in which his 21 Gemini Midheaven was in exact 150-degree angles to his 21 Scorpio Saturn and 21 Capricorn Venus.  In addition to Steve Jobs having this Saturn aspect, which visualizes and approaches an ideal, his Venus inconjunct increased his enthusiasm and marketing talent.  The only parallel that I know to that Yod is in the chart of Vincent Price, who fit the pattern by being a gourmet cook and cookbook writer.  Like Jobs, who was a populist advocate for technology, Price was a populist who sought to bring fine art to the masses.

Saturn trine Uranus  (Strength:  3.02)

You could come from an advantaged background.  You probably did well in school.  You combine quickness with a sturdy build that is often seen in boxers, dancers, and champion athletes.  You have an original mentality that likes to play games and is more fond of shortcuts than it is of discipline or learning the social conventions.  Watch out that those shortcuts do not land you in prison.  You can be quick to criticize and to make reforms without knowing all of the facts.  Skill at geometry and spatial thinking might explain why so many architects, visual comedians, designers, music composers, and engineers have this aspect.  You have an infectious enthusiasm that helps to enlist allies in the fields of marketing, publicity, politics, and radio/television.  You are more likely to come from a large family and to yourself have several children.

Saturn sextile East Point  (Strength:  2.57)

This aspect makes it likely that you were born into a large family.  You have social skills, but may not have been cut out for school.  You could discover a talent for singing or for doing impressions.  A large number of diplomats, opportunistic entrepreneurs, marketers, psychologists, and healers were born with this aspect.  You can be an astute observer and reporter.  Many radio and television correspondents have this aspect.  Engineer, pilot, writer, lawyer, athlete, and doctor are frequent occupations.  You might challenge and get into conflict with the police and authorities.  You are honest as well as a fighter.  You can become a crime victim who acts to defend himself.  You tend to lack discipline.  You are more likely to move from job to job.  Spiritual experiences, depression, and cancer are possible.  This aspect makes it more likely that you will have four or more children.

In regard to Steve's battle with cancer, note the interpretation for natal Jupiter at 20 Cancer 30 trine Saturn at 21 Scorpio 09. The category of cancer for males is high up on the statistical list, in 11th place, for the Jupiter trine Saturn aspect, which aspect is exact within 39 minutes in Steve's chart. When Steve underwent emergency surgery to treat a rare form of pancreatic cancer on August 4, 2004, transiting Saturn was at 20 Cancer 16, conjunct his natal Jupiter. On January 5, 2009, when Steve made an announcement of on-going health problems, transiting Saturn at 22 Virgo was at the midway point between his natal Jupiter and Saturn. When Steve died on October 5, 2011, transiting Saturn was applying to a square to natal Jupiter, at 19 Libra 12.

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