Astrology of Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler

The side-by-side Separate Wheels display added to AstrolDeluxe Platinum, version 9.3, is ideal for comparing the similar charts of Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler, born only four days apart. The time of birth is what separated them from all the other people born around that time. Because Charlie Chaplin was born at 8:00 PM, the fast moving Moon is right on his Ascendant and closely sextile to Jupiter. Because Adolf Hitler was born at 6:30 PM, the Moon is closely conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn and talkative Mercury is right on his Descendant. In both charts, Jupiter opposes Chiron, where Jupiter is a planet of outer growth and Chiron is a planet of inner growth.

Chaplin and Hitler charts

The slow-moving planetary aspects in effect include three planets at 19 degrees - Uranus, the Black Moon Lilith, and cold, distant Eris - in addition to tapping into these outer-planet energies, Chaplin and Hitler were also starting to channel the generational aspect of Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini. They both had a very close Uranus sesquiquadrate Pluto aspect in their charts, as did Israeli general Moshe Dayan, U.S. senator Robert Byrd, Phillipines dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach. The energies of that minor square aspect manifest as follows: "This aspect makes you tough and hard. It gives you the ability to withstand hurts or injuries and yet still recover and thrive. You never stop growing. It gives you the technical ability to have power and influence with others." Individuals in whose charts the outer planets are strong are less focused on personal goals and more focused on transpersonal goals.

Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp character achieved worldwide universal familiarity - Chaplin's Moon on the Ascendant gave him a connection to the common man. In 1917, it was reported that nine out of ten men who attended costume parties dressed as the Tramp. Stores carried dolls and merchandise with Chaplin's likeness. The appearance of Adolf Hitler was often compared to that of Charlie Chaplin. They both exemplified an extreme rags to riches story. In 1940, Chaplin portrayed Hitler for laughs in The Great Dictator. The connection between them is not just some weird or accidental coincidence. The defining feature of synchronicity, as identified by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, is that a link exists that resonates with deep meaning and significance. Outer events can be signs that point to underlying connections and a deeper reality.

Hitler's planetary strengths

Whereas Chaplin's strongest planet was the Moon, Adolf Hitler's strongest planets were the Sun, the planet of the will, and newly discovered Eris, the planet of discord.

A 9.3 Beta-tester wrote: "I wasn't sure how much I'd use the "separate wheels" feature at first since I'm quite sure I barely use this program to anywhere near its fullest potential, but I'm finding this addition to be quite useful." Before receiving it, he also wrote, "Looking forward to the enhancements! By the way, your minor aspects interpretations have been yet another great addition. Initial reactions have been very good!" I finished researching and writing the $100 Minor Square Aspects interpretations for males and females in October. You will find them listed on the order form.

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