Separate Wheels

AstrolDeluxe Platinum, version 9.3, adds a Separate Wheels choice to the Display menu when you have a biwheel, triwheel, or quadwheel, from having compared one chart to another. The choice will load a new form with up to four small wheels, showing each of your charts with their houses. The form can be scrolled, zoomed in and out, copied, and printed.

The advantages and disadvantages of the default multi-ring wheels relate to the houses in which each chart's planets appear. Multi-ring wheels always use the house cusps of the inner chart, which is that of the first person selected. In the case of a synastry comparison, a biwheel lets you easily see that Jill's Moon is on Jack's 5th house cusp, or, if you click on Edit, Swap Inner/Outer Charts, that Jack's Moon is in Jill's 12th house. This is useful information for the astrologer to see. A multi-ring wheel is also good if the astrologer wants to see progressed or transiting planets as they move through a person's natal chart houses. The transit of a planet to a natal chart angle or natal house cusp can be a signficant time in a person's life, which the biwheel helps the astrologer to see. The disadvantage for the astrologer is that the multi-ring wheel hides information about the outer wheel charts. There could be important factors in a partner's chart or in a progressed chart, seen as entities in themselves, complete with their own house cusps and house placements, that help the astrologer to get a better sense of the energies involved.

The advantage of having all the separate wheels come up on their own scrollable page is that the astrologer can refer to this page view of the separate chartwheels as needed without losing the interactivity of the Chart Information screen's multi-ring wheel.

Separate Wheels Page

This Separate Wheels Page shows the natal chart, the minor and major progressed charts, and the transits chart for Marine Le Pen, a leading candidate to win the French presidency, in elections set for April 23, 2017.

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