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The Astrologers' Memorial slipped away without anyone noticing at the end of 2016. The husband of the host recollects, "She contacted them and they decided to create their own site." Donna Cunningham, creator of the virtual museum, died in 2017, and that must explain why it was not resurrected elsewhere. What we have is a series of captures or snapshots made by the Wayback Machine at Archive.org, which is a San Francisco-based non profit that is devoted to preserving a memory of people's creativity in the past, like a library of old books. It currently caches over 700 billion web pages. What is a blessing is that the archived pages are completely functional without the maintenance that hosting would normally involve. Drawbacks include that the pages cannot be updated and they cannot be searched. I had to download the complete collection of pages to have the ability to automatically search them. For example, I can now search all the html pages for a term such as "medical astrology" and get back four astrologer pages, two book chapters by Jansky, three multi-astrologer pages, and a page of links that includes the Medical Astrology Newsletter, the only journal in the world devoted to medical astrology.

In the memorial page for the passing of 100-year-old Mellie Uyldert, another Dutch astrologer, Joyce Hoen, wrote, "it is kind of telling that she left this world at the end of Uranus in Pisces. When Uranus gets into Aries, I believe, astrology has to reinvent itself somehow, and I hope it will be with gratitude to our elders...." Mellie passed on May 10, 2009, and Uranus first entered Aries in 2010. Since Uranus is the planet of astrology, Joyce has made a profound statement here, saying that astrology proceeds in 84-year Uranus cycles from Aries to Pisces, and must reinvent itself when Uranus enters the sign of Aries, which it did in 1927 and again in 2010. I am reminded of Grant Lewi, the English literature teacher who married the daughter of an astrologer in 1926, who began to study astrology, and who is now called the father of modern astrology. With his books Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions, Grant Lewi started a cycle that came to an end around 2009. Grant Lewi had a natal chart that lent itself to the reinvention of astrology - he had Sun conjunct Pluto with both opposing Uranus.

memorial for Mellie Uyldert

The virtual museum's most extensive collection of tributes is for a woman who was proud that she had studied with Grant Lewi in Arizona before he died in 1951. Many astrologers recorded a special memory of how Frances McEvoy affected their life. Georgia Stathis recorded this memory: "Following is my thought for Frances: Sitting and talking with a friend, a soft-spoken, elegant woman approached me and quietly asked, "Would you ever consider coming out to the East Coast to Boston to speak?" I hadn't, but I did. That question began my speaking/travel career. I am forever grateful to her for that question. I will miss her."

extensive memorial for Frances McEvoy

If you look at Frances' chart and Display, Planet Strengths, you see that she belongs to the special group that had the Black Moon Lilith as the strongest, most aspected chart point. During her lifetime, astrologers were not aware of the significance of the Black Moon Lilith. It is part of the new investigations that I have been doing since Uranus entered Aries, which includes separate interpretations for males and females. Here are the strongest of her new aspect interpretations, based on research since 2010.

Neptune trine BlackMoon  (Strength:  6.37)

You can appear sophisticated and innocent at the same time.  You can be colorful and dramatic. Your life may have more than its share of drama, including painful setbacks, some of which may be self-created through your own impulsive actions.  You could enter into relationships too easily, only to exit just as quickly.  It is fine to admit that you made a mistake.  You are the opposite of a worldly, controlling materialist.  That is not what this life is for.  You are a loving and feeling person and you trust your spirit to guide you.  You can be an activist on behalf of social causes.  You can be an unconventional and outspoken visionary.  Your life can have great variety as you chase one challenge after another.  This can put you on the cutting edge. Whatever you attempt, you are conscientious and do the best quality job possible, if only to satisfy yourself.  Many athletic champions have this aspect.  It is an aspect of creativity, intelligence, enthusiasm, and female beauty.  It is found in the charts of many dancers and scientists.

Sun conjunct North Node  (Strength:  5.89)

It could have been difficult for you to establish your own individuality.  You could start life in the shadow of a sibling, mother, father, lover, or boss, from which you must break away to form your own identity.  You are sensitive and perceptive.  You care deeply about other people and you do what you can in order to help.

Saturn conjunct BlackMoon  (Strength:  5.38)

This aspect helps you to see the world at a high level.  It increases your capacity for control and precision.  You can be a high achiever and perfectionist.  Emotionally, you could be too self-critical.  It will help your self-esteem if you can find constructive and creative channels for your intellect.  You can be a technically capable equal partner.  You can innovate new and successful formulas.  If you pursue higher education, you could do well in science.  You tend to be open-minded, low key, and unpretentious, someone who sees the humor in situations.  You have a passion to learn and can teach yourself.  You earn the respect and trust that comes with working hard and playing fair.  You behave like a grown-up.  You tend to be good at controlling systems, instruments, and machines.

Saturn trine Neptune  (Strength:  4.87)

With this aspect, you tend to be a relatively happy, active, and productive lady.  You can be disciplined and creative.  You could be slender and a vegetarian.  The aspect is an indicator of intelligence.  It is found in dancers, diplomats, chefs, scientists, poets, and actresses.  You are someone who cares enough that you make an effort to contribute.  You can create an extended family with your personal warmth and caring  You yourself could raise several children.  You could live for a long time because you stay continuously active.  With this positive aspect, you tend to be popular with your peers.

Jupiter conjunct North Node  (Strength:  4.86)

This aspect gives you ambition and a belief in yourself.  Your life will have considerable variety and adventure.  You are always exploring and experiencing.  You become known for your distinctive image or identity.  You stay relevant by changing with the times.  You seek through your experiences to refine yourself and your understanding.  You are so competitive that you would be happiest with a partner with whom you do not feel yourself to be in competition.

Frances McEvoy also had Venus conjunct her Ascendant and sextile her Moon. When I worked on the Halloran Aspect Pattern interpretations in 2008, that is when I learned that having Venus as a pattern focus planet produces people who make time for others and who are generous with their time. It was also through working on those pattern interpretations that I learned that Chiron as a pattern focus planet has a strong, central theme, just as each of the planets do (but unlike the asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, that only sometimes manifest).

At the Memorial page for Carl Payne Tobey, Naomi Bennett writes that, "Grant Lewi, Carl Payne Tobey and Sydney K. Bennett were all friends and contemporaries. After Sydney's heavily criticized article against progressions, Grant quietly dropped progressions but would never openly talk about it. He would only say that he only used transits." The page includes Sydney's description of a major car accident that he had on a trip to California for which he found no correlate using either progressions or directions. However, the provided details are sufficient to cast a solar arc directions chart, a technique that I have found to be excellent at timing events. Here is what astrologer Tony Louis says on his blog page about the solar arc directions for the event. "What stands out is that solar arc directed Uranus is exactly conjunct natal Mars (01' orb) in the Placidus 8th (Whole Sign 9th house of distant travel) on May 18th of 1926. I cannot imagine a more compelling symbol for a life-threatening hit-and-run accident than a Uranus/Mars conjunction in the 8th of death." When you go to Options, Progress a Chart, in AstrolDeluxe, look in the Progression Type listbox, where the technique of Solar Arc Directions appears right underneath Secondary Progressions.

Here is another gem from the virtual museum. Madalyn Hillis-Dineen wrote, "Lorraine Welsh taught me many things. One that stands out is that you can be an astrologer and a Republican too. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I made this realization." Apparently, astrologers in Massachusetts live in a liberal bubble.

Astrologer and LifeTrends author Deanna Christensen counted many Republican women among her client base in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Deanna Christensen came out to Los Angeles in 1997 to try to syndicate her radio show. My wife and I met her at Cantor's on Fairfax and were impressed that Deanna with her ephemeris knew just where the planets were and what they were up to. After looking for a place to stay, Deanna ended up staying with and working for actor Robert Davi and his family. Robert directs the new film My Son Hunter, that is very popular now with conservatives.

Do you remember the Mercury Hour newsletter? If so, you will enjoy reading the tributes to its proprietor, Edith Custer. Note that at the bottom there is a link to Tributes to Edie, Continued. Also note the glyph and graphic of the god Mercury, that Donna Cunningham cleverly used for the page background.

memorial to Edith Custer, proprietor of Mercury Hour

Finally, if you are looking for inspiration and building your client base, read the inspiring tributes that clients left for astrologer Barbara Krofel. " Barbara always said that as an astrologer the one thing she did for people was give them hope."

memorial to a very active astrologer, Barbara Krofel

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