The powerful East Point (Equatorial Ascendant)

At Customization, Planets, in addition to turning on the Moon's Nodes, Chiron, and the Black Moon Lilith, you should check both the Display box and the Include box for the East Point. For accurate aspects to the East Point, it is important to know the native's time of birth.

The hobbyist Astrology for Windows program does not have the option of displaying the East Point, but program users can locate the East Point for any chart just by temporarily setting the geographical latitude to zero and Calculating. The resulting Ascendant for an equatorial chart is the location of the East Point.

To illustrate the power of the East Point, here are the Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus interpretations for conjunctions to the East Point for males and parallels to the East Point for females from the new natal report In The Beginning.

Pluto conjunct East Point for males
This aspect can be psychologically challenging. It puts you at risk for depression, dementia, or suicide. Perhaps a parent was unsympathetic. Travel for adventure and exploration seems to agree with you. Many accomplished and wealthy men were born with this aspect. From an early age there is a tendency to want life to be more or better than it is. You could escape into abstract thought, adventurous travel, or drink. Your explorations could result in spiritual experiences. You might write or comment regarding political or spiritual matters. Your tireless work and a precise but vibrant style can make you influential. This aspect often occurs in the charts of psychologists, adventurers, mathematicians, engineers, fighters, computer experts, writers, pilots, radio/television presenters, doctors, and teachers.

BĂ©jart, Maurice # 395
Blass, Bill # 512
Colby, William # 1093
Guthrie, Arlo # 2183
Jayne, Charles # 2629
Schwarzkopf, H. Norman # 4624
Sutphen, Dick # 5015
Walsch, Neale Donald # 5339
Williams, Hank # 5470

Pluto parallel East Point for females
Many female psychologists were born with this aspect. You are in touch with primeval forces. You could help overly civilized clients to get past their neurotic complications, to contact their authentic selves. You are not sexually repressed, but neither are you promiscuous. Actresses born with this aspect tend to be pretty, sensual, and intelligent. Sally Kellerman, born at 7:37AM, has this aspect exact. Pluto can give you an almost maniacal focus on achievement. If your plans do not work out, this aspect has high rates for suicide or turning to crime. You stay in control. This aspect makes you an ambitious realist. You could have affairs with powerful older men. You could be comfortable strategizing and negotiating powerful deals at a high level. The politically important founder of the German Green Party (Petra Kelly) had this aspect. The aspect can also give you creative power. The vocations that are most frequently found with this aspect include psychologist, lawyer, computer expert, astrologer, artist, radio/television presenter, athlete, teacher, or therapist. Many women with this aspect have four or more children and stay married for at least fifteen years.

Archer, Anne # 189
Black, Karen # 491
Gore, Tipper # 2083
Kellerman, Sally # 2780
Kelly, Petra # 2790
Letourneau, Mary Kay # 3110
Mansfield, Jayne # 3338
Mitchell, Joni # 3615
Morris, Iona # 3687
Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth # 4623

Neptune conjunct East Point for males
This aspect increases your awareness of the self-image that you present to the world. The aspect ranks high for perfectionism but low for discipline. The aspect is frequent among smooth or slick marketers, diplomats, lawyers, television hosts, and politicians. Neptune increases your ability to function as an engineer, music composer, writer, religious priest, architect, doctor, dancer, pilot, comedian, champion athlete, award-winning actor, psychologist, or therapist. The aspect makes abusing drugs or getting divorced more likely. You tend to watch your weight. You could stay at the same job for a long time. Very few singers and public speakers have this aspect, so it appears that you prefer to keep a low profile and not attract attention to yourself.

Clinton, William Jefferson # 1077
Clooney, Nick # 1080
Faulkner, William # 1709
Kennedy, Patrick J. # 2838
Peres, Shimon # 4065
Ruth, George Herman "Babe" # 4555
Sanders, George # 4602
Simmons, Richard # 4791
Slatkin, Leonard # 4826
Yanukovych, Viktor # 5634

Neptune parallel East Point for females
This aspect can give you a nimble mind and body. You could be attracted to the arts or you could excel as an athlete. You tend to be up-to-date with culture. You may want greater meaning than is offered by a conventional life. You could be dreamy, mystical, poetic, private, and a vegetarian. This aspect increases your power of imagination. I often see the two traits of depression and comedy linked together and that is true here, with Depression and Comedy this aspect's top two traits for females. The aspect makes some cry while others laugh. It seems to militate against having a long marriage with several children. As an unworldly planet, Neptune can keep one from getting too comfortable in the world. Vocations frequently found with this aspect include musician, athlete, writer, radio/television performer, politician, actress, and astrologer.

Dickinson, Emily # 1426
Eddy, Mary Baker # 1568
Grafton, Sue # 2119
Hill, Arissa # 2440
Rashad, Phylicia # 4281
Roussel, Athina # 4516
Streisand, Barbra # 5032
Swift, Taylor # 5072
Young, Loretta # 5660

Uranus conjunct East Point for males
With this aspect, you are likely to be an independent operator. The aspect is found in the charts of men and women who are wealthy, as well as in the charts of men and women who are singers. Warm, enthusiastic, and intelligent, you need stimulation in order not to become bored and depressed. Many adventurous explorers have this aspect. More common even than singer with this aspect is professional fighter. The lead singer of the group Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan born at 5:41 pm, combines all the top categories as he is not only a wealthy singer who likes to work alone but he became a professional wrestler in 2011 and has struggled with depression. Your distinctive and sophisticated point of view can make you popular as a public speaker or writer. You can excel at business, marketing, diplomacy, and law enforcement because you are the master of sophisticated compromises. Your distinctive point of view can make you a vegetarian, activist, or critic. Frequent personal qualities include enthusiastic, psychic, intelligent, disciplined, and steadfast. Many computer programmers, doctors, musicians, and champion athletes were born with this aspect. As a solo act, men with this aspect are very unlikely to become coaches. It does not necessarily correspond to a long marriage, but it does correspond to having a number of children. Many men with this aspect are fans of chess. Quoting Arnold, "There is nothing like chess to keep the brain smart, and give it a workout."

Coburn, James # 1088
Corgan, Billy # 1176
Daudet, Alphonse # 1308
Donaldson, Sam # 1467
Franco, James # 1857
Kasem, Casey # 2777
Primakov, Yevgeny # 4212
Schwarzenegger, Arnold # 4660
Sting, # 4994
Victor Emmanuel III, King # 5326

Uranus parallel East Point for females
With this aspect, you are capable of constructing or inhabiting an alternate world, an alternate idealistic universe. People can visit the ideal world that you sustain in order to feel inspired and escape from harsh reality. This aspect for women can correspond to wealth and an advantaged childhood. You could make your home a popular gathering spot in which you encourage scintillating conversation. You can have a reputation for being brilliant, sharp, and entertaining. You can be an avid researcher. You can change the way that people see and talk about things. You might be an ecologically-aware vegetarian. You could get a kick out of shaking up establishment types. Shocking or sudden events might occur in your life. You are a positive person who might turn small opportunities and even misfortune into victories. You get through life more through enthusiasm and toughness than by perfectionism or attention to detail. When life gets too real, this aspect is capable of depression and abusing drugs. Tanya Tucker pulled herself together by checking into the Betty Ford Clinic. You might keep suicide in the back of your mind as an option for when reality becomes just too oppressive. Frequently seen vocations with this aspect include activist, singer, athlete, writer, comedienne, poet, healer, radio/television host, and teacher. You are likely to have several children and a long life, but you do have to watch out for a susceptibility to cancer.

Archer, Anne # 192
Bach, Eleanor # 278
Ball, Lucille # 316
Bryant, Anita # 725
Butler, Octavia E. # 797
Johnson, Virginia E. # 2705
Ling, Laura # 3185
McClanahan, Rue # 3486
Paltrow, Gwyneth # 3991
Tucker, Tanya # 5219

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