Hillary's Birth Certificate

Hillary Rodham Clinton's birth certificate has become available. It gives a time that no one anticipated - 6:45 PM. The data collector Viktor E. provided the birth certificate to AstroDatabank. Viktor has been providing documented charts to AstroDatabank since 2016, having provided 674 charts in that year, mainly of Norwegians. In 2017 Viktor provided 158 charts, mainly of Americans.

Hillary Rodham Clinton BC horoscope

Here are some close aspects that result from the new BC time for Hillary:

Mer SQR Sat 90° 00'   0° 00'

Mar PRL EPt 17 N 59  0° 05'
Sat SQR EPt 90° 46'  0° 46'
Mer OPP EPt 179° 14'   0° 46'

Nep TRI Asc 120° 14'   0° 14'

Ven PRL Mid 16 S 37   0° 28'
Plu OPP Mid 179° 12'   0° 48'

Mercury square Saturn
The most common category with this aspect is female politician. The least common is animal lover. Carolyne Lacy in Spirit Success wrote, "You see self-containment and a stoic ability to survive as virtues. However, you are apt to lack communication skills which could expand your horizons and save you from feeling isolated from the friendship you crave. Your sense of responsibility is admirable, but you cannot expect others to accept your over-critical, pessimistic attitudes, whether you mean to project them or not. Add flexibility and a sense-of-humor for better balance in your seemingly lackluster life."

Mars parallel East Point
You could have been headstrong and tomboyish. You might have liked doing things with a father or uncle. As an adult, you tend to be free of pretension. You are a courageous fighter - not afraid to take a stand. You can go after what you want and be effective. You could enjoy athletic activities. Red might be your favorite color. You can be good in business.

Saturn square East Point
Many female scientists, singers, researchers, critics, writers, artists, and suicides were born with this aspect.

Mercury opposite East Point
Many female writers, medical professionals, politicians, and cancer victims were born with this aspect.

Neptune trine Ascendant
This appears to be a fortunate aspect. It is found in the charts of women who are writers, beauties, and criminals. The aspect's least likely category is attempting suicide, so the aspect must help you to navigate life. The aspect can make you disciplined, independent, and demanding. You can successfully communicate with an audience over radio, television, and social media. You move pretty fast and do not feel that it is necessary to be perfect. You could be rough around the edges, but with a heart of gold. People tend to like that you are a woman of action. You tend to say what you think. You could come from an advantaged background. Although able to compete in this world, you know that there is more to life than just worldly rewards. You do not want to be part of the rat race for fame and honor. You could donate your time to charity. You can have a love for writing, art, nursing, teaching, athletics, comedy, poetry, and acting. You should be capable of public speaking and teaching what you know.

Venus parallel Midheaven
With this aspect, you can make a happy marriage. You could have talent for music, healing, and business. Beauty could be your business or be important to your career. You tend to have a positive and likable personality. You can be socially active. You could experiment with healthy diets and with lifestyles that help to retain your youthful beauty. You could have a career as part of a network of people. You could help other women.

Pluto opposite Midheaven
Your parents could have been prominent so that you grew up with advantages. With this aspect, you are likely to raise a big family. You are fortunate when it comes to family matters. Work and family are both important to you. The aspect makes you more likely to be psychic. You take an interest in and grasp how the larger world works. You could have a talent for journalism. You are likely to be associated with powerful men or to run your own business. There is a risk of criminal behavior and involvement with drugs. You could live to an advanced age, but there are no guarantees.

Hillary has some interesting synastry contacts to the chart of the Democratic Party, May 13, 1792, 12 noon, Philadelphia, PA. The aspects are from her Uranus, Moon's Node, and Pluto.

Ura SXT Sat 60° 00'   0° 00'
MNN at 18 N 52 PRL Mer at 18 N 50   0° 02'
MNN at 18 N 52 PRL Mid at 18 N 55   0° 03'
Plu at 23 N 06 CPL Plu at 23 S 02   0° 04'

I have revised Hillary's birth time in my version of the Famous Charts collection. If you have the Famous Charts, you can do the same.

AstrolDeluxe Platinum, which is now at version 10.2, comes bundled with the Famous Charts collection.

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