Intellectual Astrology

I spent the last year exploring all the best information on how and why astrology works. After collaborating with astrologer customers on the software for thirty years, it was time to look out the window and to reflect. The result is an essay on Intellectual Astrology that is now the opening 40-page chapter of the version 10 program Help manual. The completely updated manual comes on the CD in the Program Manual folder as an indexed 538-page pdf file, in addition to accompanying the program as electronic Help. My essay is an incentive for you to purchase the version 10 program. The essay topic headings and its bibliography of over 80 sources, many of which will be new to you, appear below.


1. Action At a Distance

2. Moving Beyond Material Explanations

3. Immanence Theory

4. Direct Perception

5. Dual Nature

6. Outside of Spacetime

7. Planning the Birth

8. A Statement About the Nature of Reality

9. Information from Quantum Physics

10. Dual Nature at the Quantum Level

11. The Unconscious Mind

12. Limiting the Meaning of 'Consciousness'

13. Mind versus Brain

14. The Thalamus and Consciousness

15. Consciousness and Brain Rhythms

16. Transcendental Cosmography

17. Higher Dimensions

18. Participatory Reality

19. Scientific Reductionism versus Transcendental Joy

20. Skepticism, Atheism, and Conformism

21. Times to Move and Times to Stop

22. Calculating Probability

23. Theorizing versus Research

24. Chaos and Free Will

25. Celestial Musical Resonance and Entrainment?

26. Astrology and Science

27. Astrology's Constructive Role

28. Archetypes

29. Bibliography


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