The first set of interpretations that I researched and wrote myself were the Halloran Aspect Patterns, which I completed in 2008. To research those, I added a function to Research Charts that would let me find people in the famous charts collection that have tight versions of any of the aspect patterns/configurations together with a particular focus planet or pattern planet. Then I just had to read their biographies and synthesize what they had in common.

The well-known syndicated astrology columnist Jacqueline Bigar validated the accuracy of my pattern interpretations. She had some knowledge of aspect patterns because her business since 1978 was called Mystic Rectangle. Here is what she said,

I have always said that no one reads me well. They just don't. The configuration chart did not have one thought off. It hit me in the kisser, so to speak. You have produced a magnificent piece of work.
I have never read any study that precise and revealing. Beautifully done.
I mean it.


My first attempt at researching and writing interpretations for all of a planet's aspects came with the mysterious body Chiron in 2013. Of course I looked at what others had written, but what was most helpful was to look at the biographies of famous charts that had close versions of each Chiron aspect. I did not know then to write separate male and female interpretations.

It was only later in 2014 with my next attempt for all of the Moon's Node aspects, that I noticed statistical differences between men and women and realized that I had to write separate male and female interpretations.

In 2015, when the Black Moon Lilith (the empty focus of the moon's elliptical orbit) had reached 20 degrees of Libra in my progressed chart, I spent nine months writing the first complete set of interpretations for all of that chart point's male and female aspects. The Black Moon Lilith has a strong theme and I found much to say about its aspects. Customers were willing to subscribe in advance to receive that $100 interpretation add-on.

The next project, the $100 add-on with the 45-degree and 135-degree aspect interpretations for all the planets, I completed in 2016; thereby filling a major gap in the existing natal interpretations. Here is what I wrote to a customer at the time:

I did find a book that had 30 pages of interpretations for the Semi-Square and Sesqui-Square aspects, by Edward W. Whitman from 1970, but unfortunately the interpretations were completely theoretical and they were terrible. The author made no attempt to validate his ideas against the charts of actual people. History will divide astrological interpretations into those written before and after computer databases made in-depth research possible.

In 2017, Linden Leisge, who was researching the validity of Astrodynes along with John Molfese by batch processing groups of charts, pushed me into creating chart collections containing categories of people, based either on vocations or on personal characteristics. I now have a category frequencies table that has grown to cover 108 categories of people from all walks of life for 13 different aspects.

An intermediate version of my statistical frequencies table helped with my next project, completed in 2018, a $100 set of interpretations for both males and females for all 480 declination aspects. Most astrologers do not practice astrology long enough to get from the zodiacal aspects to the parallel and contraparallel declination aspects. Alan Leo learned their value over 100 years ago, and so did Charles Jayne 60 years ago, but it took over 30 years of working on the astrology program for me to finally get to the declination aspects.

That brings me to the difference between AstrolDeluxe and other more consumer-oriented astrology software. A Famous Charts collection has always been a $59 add-on to AstrolDeluxe since it appeared in 1992. Refining the accuracy and expanding the size of that collection has been a continual labor. Why? Because I saw the famous charts and the built-in research module as a means to verify astrological truth. Consumer-oriented astrology programs threw in a few dozen famous charts as toys to play with, but not a large, reliable collection so that authors and customers could research and establish truth. Their programs did not even have a button to distinguish unknown times.

Before I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Religious Studies and Middle Eastern Studies, I took the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The LSAT tests one's ability to comprehend and process written material. My LSAT score was so high that I was able to use it to join Mensa. So that is the answer if you wonder how I was able to research and write all of these interpretations.

A customer had this to say about the declination aspect interpretations,

Well, so far this has been a great addition. My own are spot on and everyone else I've done these for thus far seems to say the same. It's fun to watch the "skeptical" ones finally admit that "there might be something to this astrology thing after all". One person even felt uncomfortable that I could know things about her that she felt no one else did.

Fantastic work!!
Many thanks!

The planets out to Saturn have to do with the material world. The planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron connect us with a transcendent realm. Chiron appears to be a planet of inner growth that corresponds to how Jupiter is a planet of outer growth. Soon we may discover a planet of inner knowledge and science just as Saturn is a planet of outer knowledge and science. It could be that I am so much into research because I hear the call of that undiscovered planet.

I recently completed interpretations for all the male and female aspects made by the transcendent planets Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus - a total of 900 new interpretations. Where previously I wrote interpretations to fill in gaps in the existing natal interpretation sets, these new Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus interpretations are based on observation and the complete 108 category table of aspect frequencies. They are not the product of theorizing based on mythology. If you cannot afford the $449 price for the new In The Beginning natal report with all of the interpretations that I have written over the last ten years, you can start by getting one add-on at a time. If you buy a $100 add-on, that will reduce your ultimate price for In The Beginning by $100.

Halloran Interpretations for Chiron, Moon's Nodes, and Black Moon Lilith

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