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Our family friend Kim Howe died Feb. 7, 2015 in a widely publicized accident in which Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner's Cadillac SUV pushed her northbound white Lexus sedan into southbound traffic on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. A family's full-size Hummer crashed into her car, killing her instantly. Looking at Kim's astrology with her late husband Robert, who died of a heart attack in 2003, this accident appears to have been the final act in a karmic drama involving astrological synchronicity.

I met Kim's husband Robert when we stayed in their Malibu house overlooking the ocean soon after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. We got to know Kim socially after Robert passed away, celebrating her July 4 birthdays and inviting her to some of our gourmet club restaurant outings. I have in my Amazon history where I sent her two books on a vegetarian lifestyle by John Robbins in 2007. The books appear to have helped influence her to become a vegetarian, although she was an animal lover long before that.

Kim's husband, Robert D. Howe, was born on January 3, 1931 in Genoa, Colorado. Kim was born Kim Brewer on July 4, 1945 in Peoria, Illinois, to John Emmett Brewer and his first wife. Kim's father John died in a car crash in Pekin, Illinois on March 25, 1978. Kim Brewer was Robert Howe's second wife. They were married for 32 years, but they did not have children together. Here are the planet positions for Kim and Bob:

Kim and Bob's birth charts

Note that Bob's Sun is at 12 Capricorn 27. Kim's Sun at 12 Cancer 19 opposes Bob's Sun. Note also that Bob's Saturn is at 14 Capricorn 03. Kim's Saturn at 14 Cancer 04 opposes Bob's Saturn. The synchronicity of their two Sun-Saturn conjunctions and the exact oppositions between them indicates that the signature planets guiding their lives were the Sun and Saturn.

Bob and Kim built a natural foods distribution business just when natural foods started becoming fashionable. You can see Bob's ability and potential to build a path breaking business in his chart. Bob had the following strong natal aspects. To get interpretations of these aspects in your AstrolDeluxe reports, add the $185 bundle of the Chiron, Moon's Nodes, and Black Moon Lilith natal interpretations, for which I spent nine months researching over a thousand charts in 2014.

Saturn trine Chiron  (Strength:  5.83)

Is it possible to be too controlling for one's own good?  With this aspect, you have an opportunity to find out.  You have a strong focus on security.  It makes you politically conservative and opinionated.  You quickly jump to conclusions.  Your childhood could have been a solitary one.  You can have a successful career because your mind is unique and can handle complex matters.  Your work can display remarkable technical proficiency.  You could be known for various eccentricities, ranging from your prolific work to your lifestyle and personal behavior.  You have a high opinion of yourself, but may not have many friends.  Internally you could have the soul of a poet or a composer of beautiful music, while externally you are stodgy and solemn.  Your sense of humor could be black.  You could be critical of the vacuity of popular culture.  You have an aversion to hedonism.  You could develop a passion for teaching.  The more that you make use of your mind - the more that you are able to push the envelope forward - the more that you are someone whom it pays to know.  The charitable issues that you care about are things like family planning and world hunger.

Neptune opposite BlackMoon  (Strength:  5.59)

You can be very talented, but still be kind, gentle, and humble.  You can be on the forefront of cultural changes.  You can be a visionary, quickly seeing the new methods and techniques that will be important ahead of the crowd.   You tend to be a modern man and humanitarian whose main goal is to make people happy.  In the world of business, you could do this by identifying needs that are not being met.  In the world of music, you could do this by using your versatile mastery of many instruments to create music that makes people feel good.  In other creative fields, you could focus on addressing real contemporary issues in the guise of art.  The aspect gives you a mentality that rises above trivia.  You don't let the trees distract you from seeing the forest.  You can teach yourself, trusting your perceptions, so that you see your field from an original point of view.  You tend to be a spiritual person who stays busy finding constructive, helpful ways to engage with the modern world.

Pluto square North Node  (Strength:  5.51)

You can work to modernize your field.  You can use the very latest of new technology. You prefer to create striking and compact works of excellence, as compared to work that might be more diffuse, inflated, and perhaps mediocre.  Your work can be described as surprising, unexpected, and avant-garde.  This aspect gives you the big picture and plenty of business ability, but it can also put you at odds somehow with society.  Your life could involve more than its share of controversy.  You have the ability to arbitrate between groups.  You can be both charming and rough.

Before marrying Bob in 1971, Kim worked as an actress, appearing in Elvis Presley movies and in The Love Bug, about a car named Herbie. Here is a teen magazine excerpt from around 1966:

Kim Brewer interview at age 21
Venus trine Chiron  (Strength:  4.50)

You are popular on account of being basically a good-humored, good-natured sort of person.  You have the ability to establish a relationship with a crowd and then to manipulate that crowd.  You have a talent for advertising and promotion.  It makes you popular that you are willing to spend the time to reach out to and connect to people. You could work to improve social and economic conditions.  You can capture the mood of the time.  You will campaign to eliminate anything that exploits, restricts, and oppresses people.  You have compassion for anyone, including young people, who are hobbled by their ignorance.  Health and nutrition could interest you.  You are capable of maintaining an enduring relationship.  

Moon sextile North Node  (Strength:  4.29)

This aspect makes you a respectable lady.  You do not lose your dignity.  You can find ways to learn from and overcome loss and heartache.  You have great powers of observation.

Sun conjunct North Node  (Strength:  3.71)

It could have been difficult for you to establish your own individuality.  You could start life in the shadow of a sibling, mother, father, lover, or boss, from which you must break away to form your own identity.  You are sensitive and perceptive.  You care deeply about other people and you do what you can in order to help.

The karmic synchronicity seen between the Sun and Saturn of Bob and Kim's birth charts shows up again on the dates of their deaths. At the time of Bob's October 2, 2003 heart attack, there were very hard and close aspects to their natal Suns. At the time of Kim's death in the February 7, 2015 car crash, there were very hard and close aspects to their natal Saturns. Here is a triwheel showing the transits to their composite chart.

transits to Kim and Bob's composite chart

On October 2, 2003, when Bob suffered a massive heart attack, the composite Sun at 12 Aries 23 was squared by transiting Saturn at 12 Cancer 45 and by transiting Chiron at 12 Capricorn 31. On February 7, 2015, when Kim was suddenly pushed into oncoming traffic, the composite Saturn at 14 Libra 03 was squared by transiting Pluto at 14 Capricorn 26 and opposed by transiting Uranus at 13 Aries 32.

The challenging opposition between the Sun and Saturn in the composite chart means that they spent their years together overcoming obstacles and learning how to work as a team. The supportive composite aspect that helped to keep them together was the out-of-sign trine aspect between Venus and Mars. I have observed that successful relationships, the ones that give us the growth that we need, are those in which the composite chart includes both challenging as well as supportive aspects. To read more about composite charts, including how the Sun was the signature planet in the relationship of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson, see Composite Chart Examples - Proof of Astrology.

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