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The Mountain Astrologer, SoftStar Muse
by Hank Friedman

AstrolDeluxe Platinum 10.0
by John Halloran

More than three years ago, I reviewed AstrolDeluxe Platinum in the Aug./Sept. 2016 issue of The Mountain Astrologer. Since the software's initial release, its author has continually improved it, culminating with the latest version 10. AstrolDeluxe Platinum runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10 and on a Mac using Windows emulation software (e.g., Windows with Bootcamp, Parallels, etc.).

Don't let the old-school graphics and interface fool you — AstrolDeluxe Platinum is a powerful astrology program packed with unique capabilities. It includes a database of 93,800 charts, categorized by vocation and other major life themes, to use with its built-in research tools. AstrolDeluxe Platinum can now import charts from Solar Fire, as well as from other astrology programs.

The program can also run the company's superlative quality add-on reports, including new reports for declination aspects and minor (45° and 135°) hard aspects (and reports on Chiron, the Black Moon, and Aspect Patterns). Many of these reports are groundbreaking, resulting from years of painstaking research by the author.

Perhaps the crown jewel of the latest version is the Nested Time aspects for the year. Based upon the book of the same title by astrologer Arthur M. Young, this feature allows you to view a list of astrological aspects with keywords for an entire year, and click on an aspect to get an expanded interpretation. You can use the Life History feature to add life events into the right side of the screen, in order to see correspondences between the sky and the life.

Among the techniques employed in Nested Time are Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Ascendant Arc and Vertex Arc Directions, and transits by Saturn through Pluto. You can add Jupiter transits, transiting and progressed Chiron, Transits to Progressed, Classical Primary Directions, and Minor and Tertiary Progressions. You can also turn off Ascendant Arc and Vertex Arc Directions, and use your own set of natal points and aspects.

The Vocational Ranking screen is quite brilliant, determining the most likely careers for a chart's owner by comparing that person's planetary aspects to those in the vocational chart files.

The Graphic Aspectarian can create monthly and yearly graphs showing the individual and cumulative influences of transits. You can select whether to create mundane (transit-to-transit) or personal (transit-to-natal) graphs, and which points to use.

Anyone wishing to explore group dynamics will enjoy the Group Signatures section of the Research Charts module. You can search groups of up to 300 charts for the proportions of houses, signs, hemisphere & quadrants, house modalities & elements, and sign modalities & elements, as well as view a graph of Planetary Strengths for each group. If you click on any positive or negative part of the Planetary Strength graph, you can see which aspects comprise that part of the graph. And you can name, print, and save the results.

The Map of Degree Strengths is another unique feature of AstrolDeluxe Platinum 10. This generates a wheel showing the strength of every degree in a chart. The map is created by calculating how many planets will aspect each degree. There's a table showing the six strongest degrees, and by clicking on one, its interpretation is displayed. Two added tables show the positive, negative, and cumulative strength of each of the houses and each of the signs.

New basic capabilities include being able to view up to four Separate Wheels on one page, a detailed Aspect Grid, and the Life Diagram, a progressed graphic ephemeris screen with an adjustable harmonic and date range.

The author has thoughtfully included in the new version's program manual an essay on how and why astrology works (with an extensive bibliography) ; the essay is titled "Intellectual Astrology."

AstrolDeluxe Platinum offers a unique set of techniques and research features. It's no wonder, given its phenomenal reports and many innovative functions, that the program has so many fans.

This review in pdf format.

The Mountain Astrologer, SoftStar News, AUG./SEPT. 2016

AstrolDeluxe Platinum
John Halloran
$300 (https://www.halloran.com)

John Halloran has just released a major revision of his AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter software, calling it AstrolDeluxe Platinum (also AstrolDeluxe 9.0). Now bundled with the program are a collection of 5,317 Famous Charts and the set of Halloran TrueType astrological fonts.

One of the foremost innovations in the program is its new Planetary Cycles feature. It graphs the cycles (conjunct, square, opposed) and half-cycles of transiting planets in relationship to a target natal planet. This will be very useful for astrologers who want to explore these events.

Based upon the recent book by Dorothy Oja, Planetary Resonance, the program also adds a feature called Planetary Resonance Phases. There are four sets of calculations: the Five Resonances at Birth; the Life Phases (of a selected planet) from the transits of the Three Transcendental Planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) for 90 years; these phases plus those from transiting Jupiter and Saturn; and the Transcendental Phases for All Five Personal Planets for 90 years.

The program adds distant Eris as a planetary point. It also adds Heliocentric charts -- which it can compare with Geocentric charts, including Progressed and Composite -- and a long Wheel with Grids Page that can be scrolled up and down and zoomed in and out, on the screen.

The Time Search for Planets in Aspect function allows you to select any two planets, a time range and time zone, orb, and a specific aspect (or any angle), to produce a listing of the dates and times when the transiting planets form the same angle. Clicking on any date will generate a chart for that event.

The Progressed Lunation function enables you to use the progression method of your choice to create several lists: a 90-year span of Progressed New and Full Moons, Progressed Lunar Phases (16 phases in all), and two lists of times when the Natal Moon Phase Angle repeats (progressed or not). You can also click on a Lunar position in the table to pop up the Sabian Symbol for that degree. AstrolDeluxe Platinum can also generate an interpretive report of your Progressed Lunar Phases.

When you click on any planet in a chart wheel, a window appears showing all of the aspects made to the planet. Clicking on any aspect pops up a delineation of it. There are also new, well-written add-on interpretations for Chiron, the Moon's nodes, and Black Moon Lilith, which are available in a bundle for $185.

You can also generate a table showing the Moon Wobble dates. The Moon "wobbles" when the Sun is conjunct, square, or opposing the Moon's North Node; this indicates, according to Carl Payne Tobey, periods when accidents are more prevalent.

The Moving Graphic Ephemeris is an animated graphic ephemeris of transits. You can select the transiting points used (including the four major asteroids, Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, and Eris), the harmonic, the speed of the animation, whether to display natal positions (as lines on the graph), and the time range displayed. Clicking anywhere on the graph enables you to create a chart for that moment.

In the Chart Analysis table, there is a planetary speed indicator and a new type of retrograde flag that also indicates how many days until the planet will change direction (within the first 120 days).

Find Eclipses and Lunations can find and show either eclipses or lunations. For eclipses, the table gives the date and time, the aspect (conjunct or opposed), and the longitude of the Moon and the closest lunar node, with the difference between them.

AstrolDeluxe Platinum is a pioneering program, introducing many new astrological approaches. Its research capabilities, unique touches, great included and add-on reports, and diversity of functions make it valuable to a wide range of astrologers.

The Mountain Astrologer, SoftStar News, November 2014

John Halloran, the author of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter (for Windows PCs) has just released a new set of delineations for Chiron. The author did considerable research preparing the Chiron interpretations and I found them exceptionally well written.

He has also released a new update of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, version 8.5. Since I last reviewed version 8.3, John has added Local Space Maps; when you click anywhere on a map, it shows you a list of the closest cities and their coordinates. The update also adds Local Space charts using zodiacal coordinates, a 30-degree strip sort, and the ability to turn on and off the display of individual asteroid lines in maps. AstrolDeluxe is one of the few programs that will allow you to add map lines for a large number of asteroids. Also, the positions of Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta can now be calculated as far back as 1650 C.E.

Dell Horoscope, October, 2014

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, version 8.5 by John Halloran; Halloran Software, PO Box 75713, Los Angeles, CA 90075; CD, www.halloran.com; $169.

Many astrologers and students of astrology are familiar with AstroCartoGraphy maps as a way to understand how an individual's natal horoscope can be projected onto the globe. Another, less familiar technique, is known as Local Space Astrology, where planetary lines radiate outward from the birth location and circle the globe. The technique was developed by Michael Erlewine in 1977, and is an option found on the most sophisticated (and expensive) astrology calculation programs.

An entry level Local Space tool is now available in the latest upgrade of the AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, as programmed by John Halloran. The key concept behind local space charts is that everything in our universe can be depicted on the natal chart as lying somewhere along a line coming out of the center of the chart, which represents the birth location. In this sense one can travel toward one's natal Mars to find action, or toward one's Venus to find love, or perhaps toward one's Moon to find a comfortable home.

The example used by Halloran is Madonna's Local Space Map. She was born in Michigan and has an unusually well-placed natal Vesta, since it's sextile her Mars on one side, and her Moon-Ascendant conjunction on the other. She followed her Vesta line to New York, where she became famous. She then relocated to the southern coast of England, which lies near a prosperous Jupiter line and also near the spiritual, reclusive Neptune line.

Accessing the Local Space Map is as easy as clicking on the tool bar, and sliding down to "Local Space Map". One has the option of using six different maps: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and the World. Generally, most astrologers are only interested in the traditional planets, but a unique feature allows the user to add in Chiron and the four major asteroids. As demonstrated by the Madonna example, Vesta is a significant player in her personal history. And a list of some 50 additional asteroids and recently discovered outer planets can also be enabled to see where those lines influence one's life.

Of course the main features of the AstrolDeluxe ProgramWriter are its calculation functions and add-on reports that interpret horoscopes. Visit his website (www.halloran.com) to see what you might want to add to your order. But the most interesting update is the Local Space Maps. Find your best-placed natal planet or asteroid, and see what places it highlights in the nation or in other regions. Jupiter is a great starting place, but a well-placed natal Mercury would be an intriguing line to explore as a vacation.

The Mountain Astrologer, SoftStar News, May 2013

AstrolDeluxe Report Writer 8.3
Halloran Software

John Halloran, the author of the Windows program AstrolDeluxe, continues to polish and add features to his flagship program. Since version 8.0, he has focused on harmonics, composite charts, and Sabian Symbols.

The latest revision has very well written delineations for all 360 Sabian Symbols for planets and house cusps, and can produce a complete Planet Degree Symbolism report. The excellent Aspect Patterns add-on report is the culmination of lengthy research and delineates 35 different aspect patterns with 392 variations.

Drawing upon his research for a new $100 interpretation report called Composite Couples, Halloran has added a new Composite Compatibility table showing an assessment of the Composite chart (between two people) for friendship, business, and marriage, and for a large number of personal qualities and functions, like independence, compassion, exploring the world, creative projects, and more.

Perhaps the innovations in harmonic analysis are the most powerful features of the update. In the research module, one can now search one's collection of charts for charts with harmonic planets in natal houses or aspects to each other in any harmonic. You can also search for a planet in a natal chart in aspect to a planet in a harmonic chart, and continue conducting additional searches on the results of any search (i.e. on the charts that meet the criteria of the first search).

The program can also show a biwheel of the natal chart and any harmonic chart, and display and sort the interaspects between them, and easily switch to displaying the aspects within the harmonic chart. You can even add a third chart, e.g. the current transits, in order to see the transits to both the harmonic and natal charts.

You can also search for charts with any of 16 Lunar Phases : 1) New, 2) New-Crescent Cusp, 3) Crescent, 4) Crescent-First Quarter Cusp, 5) First Quarter, 6) First Quarter-Gibbous Cusp, 7) Gibbous, 8) Gibbous-Waning Cusp, 9) Waning, 10) Waning-Disseminating Cusp, 11) Disseminating, 12) Disseminating-Last Quarter Cusp, 13) Last Quarter, 14) Last Quarter-Balsamic Cusp, 15) Balsamic, 16) Balsamic-New Quarter Cusp.

Other additions include the ability to search by longitude and latitude in the Geo Names Atlas add-on (which contains about 3 million cities worldwide), which can be quite useful if you don't know the exact spelling of a foreign city's name and the ability to calculate Solar Arc Progressions on Declination Equivalent (and Declination Antiscia) charts.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter has always had a unique set of capabilities, and its author continues to improve and extend its value signficantly.

Top Ten Reviews, June 2011

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter by Halloran Software is an impressive astrology software title that covers all the bases. It is really many applications in one: It creates astrological charts, has enhanced interpretative reporting software and includes Astro*Carto*Graphy maps. From its huge PC atlas to its powerful astro-mapping tools, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter offers all the essentials of a well-stocked astrology application for our astrology software review.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter's report printing engine is a superb feature of this astrology software, and offers one of the most inexpensive report writers on the market. Using this application, you will discover professional, full-length reports based on a person's charts. The reports are fully customizable and printable as well. For example when creating a natal report, in addition to standard formats, you can also choose a format that focuses on the sign on the cusp of each house, or the ruler of that sign, by sign, house, and aspect.

For those looking for astrology software with powerful research functions, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is a great choice. You can search any set of charts by specific birth date, planets by house or retrograde, and more. Also, you can search your charts by intercepted signs or planets, house rulers by aspect or house, or by client notes. The research module also creates control groups that you can use to compare your results. Unfortunately, there are no educational materials or astrology lessons. This software assumes that you already have that background, or that you'll get it elsewhere.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter creates comprehensive astrological charts and includes professional interpretation software (with a focus on natal chart interpretations). The included PC atlas lists 250,000 cities, and the astrology software calculates charts in 12 different House cusps. Also, the Zodiac calculations in the application, which include Tropical, Sidereal and Draconic, span 8,000 years.

Astro-maps are another impressive feature you'll find in AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. Its Astro-Locality Maps help a querent better see where on a map they will find the most success in life and where they'll find the least success, by highlighting a map using a color scheme and latitudinal and longitudinal lines, each anchored by a Zodiac sign. These maps are highly useful when creating a Relocation chart.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter creates all the preferred wheel styles of beginners and professionals. The astrology software creates single, bi, tri and quad wheels as well as Natal, Transit, Progression wheels, among many others. The astrology software also comes with a professionally written database of natal report interpretations – Spirit Success – written by Carolyne Lacey. Compatibility, transits, progressions and solar return interpretations are sold separately.

You can enhance the calculations of your charts by looking at more than just planet locations, and AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter includes 70 asteroids from the years 1800-2100. For many astrologers, these are considered just as important as the planets. And for a $50 add-on, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is able to detect aspect patterns and interpret them.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter can calculate the moon's nodes and apogee (either Mean or True), and can also synchronize your computer's internal clock with the clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. And to make it easy to edit previously made charts from others, you can import files from a wide variety of outside astrology software applications.

Halloran Software has a toll-free number, international phone number, fax number and email contact options for assistance with AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. Also, a thorough help guide is included with the software.

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter Summary: 9/10

This astrology software package includes all you need to create high-quality charts and interpretative natal reports that are accurate and professional. With helpful extras like Zodiac and Planet symbol charts for easy reference and quality astro-maps, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is an astrology software package we heartily recommend.

The Mountain Astrologer, Mercury Direct, September 2008

The major enhancement in Version 7 of AstrolDeluxe Report Writer is its recognition of and interpretation of aspect patterns. Aspect patterns are configurations of three or more planets, e.g. Grand Trines and T-squares. In recent decades, many astrologers -- most notably the Hubers -- have discovered and delineated many more types of patterns, with excellent results.

In its Chart Analysis table, AstrolDeluxe Report Writer identifies aspect patterns found in individual charts, and in its natal report, the program provides excellent interpretations for each of the patterns present in a chart, with special attention to the focus planet for each pattern. It evaluates charts for over 30 different aspect patterns. In its Graphic Aspects chart wheel display, you can view each of the aspect patterns present in a chart, one at a time. See Figure Three aspect patterns. You can customize orbs for determining patterns, in 3 degree increments, and choose to include or exclude the Ascendant and M.C., the nodes, asteroids, and outer planets in patterns. Additionally, in its research module, you can search chart files to find charts containing specific aspect patterns, and even specify what planets must be present in each pattern.

There are many other enhancements that have been added since the 6.0 review. The program can now create quad-wheels, and it's easy to control which charts show up in each ring. It can create progressed charts using the Hermetic Minor Progression method, list planetary placements in Gauquelin sectors, and display K.T. Boehrer's declination graph. AstrolDeluxe Report Writer allows astrologers to use Charles Jayne's precise method of ascertaining aspect orbs in declinational aspects.

Two new features in the software work very well together. The Rotate/Rectify chart feature allows you to manually or automatically move charts forward or backward in time by not only increments of date and time (e.g. months or seconds) but also by Ascendant or Midheaven sign, degrees, or minutes. While using this feature (for rectification, choosing a good time for a class, etc.) you can also view changes in the Planet Strengths graph which displays the relative strengths of all of the planets, the Ascendant, and Midheaven.

In the research module, you can now search for a planet in specific Gauquelin sector, find charts with a planet out-of-bounds in declination, and search for a person's first or last name, the data source, or the Rodden rating.

Finally, Halloran Software has a new add-on Geo Atlas ($100) with coordinates for over 3 million cities. This is a great resource if you are creating charts for people born outside of the U.S. as it has 20 times as many cities as the ACS atlas. The Famous Charts collection ($59) of 4,622 famous people is also a worthwhile add-on.

AstrolDeluxe Report Writer version 7.0 adds valuable features to an already remarkably versatile and powerful astrology program.

Dell Horoscope, January, 2005

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, version 6.3 by John Halloran; Halloran Software, PO Box 75713, Los Angeles, CA 90075; CD-ROM and diskette, 2004, www.halloran.com; tel 1-800-SEA-GOAT; $169.

Not too long ago, anyone interested in studying astrology had to go through the complex process of figuring out how to calculate horoscopes. Once the technique was mastered, charts still took from fifteen minutes to an hour to draw up, not to mention the additional time required to do the transits and the progressions. Nowadays, astrology software can do these tasks in seconds, as well as a wide variety of other useful calculation and display functions, depending on which software is being used. Consumers are left with only one problem -- deciding which astrology software to get.

Halloran Software's AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is a best bet. This product has been on the market for several years; unlike its competitors, however, it continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of amateur and professional astrologers. Owner/designer John Halloran restlessly tweaks, refines, upgrades, and expands the basic features so that his top-of-the-line ReportWriter is always on the cutting edge. A key feature of this software is that it is bundled with the ACS Atlas, which contains the exact longitude, latitude, and time zone for some 250,000 cities. Just type in the city's name, and click on the PC Atlas Express button, and these numbers are automatically entered. In the old days, finding the right time zone or longitude and latitude was a major headache, and simple errors here often led to embarrassing mistakes later.

The many calculation and display options available in the AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter are generally found in the most expensive software programs, but Halloran offers it at a much lower price. The user begins at The Natal Information Screen, where a chart can be calculated or booted up from a file. From this point, transit lists or a bi-wheel showing how the current transits align with the natal chart can be generated. Performing the various operations follows the basic drop-down menu format of Windows and is intuitively easy enough so that one doesn't need a manual or guidebook, but help is always available through a click on the Help button. Other options include generating progressions, Solar Returns, tri-wheels (even quadri-wheels!), up to seventy asteroids, Gauquelin sectors, and a colorful Astro-Locality map showing where planetary lines have the strongest influence in a given region (similar to Astro*Carto*Graphy). For those who have earlier versions, the most recent upgrades in version 6.3 are too numerous to list or describe here, but those interested may find this information at https://www.halloran.com/dlr6feat.htm.

The calculation side of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is only half the value of this comprehensive yet simple software program. The other half is the engine for generating professional interpretation reports. Version 6.3 includes a natal interpretive report that runs about eighteen pages long, but the longer, professional reports (forty to sixty pages long) are purchased separately for $100 each. Amateur or experienced astrologers can start their own business using this software or supplement personal readings with the professional reports. Halloran currently offers eight reports, with the two most recent additions being Kid Zone Reports and Journey Return Reports.

What's your Solar Return mean? Just generate your Solar Return chart and click on the Journey Return Report for a forty- to sixty-page analysis. The Kid Zone is tailored for children and includes a unique Sun-Moon-Ascendant description. Many books or software programs will describe a pair of planets or the Sun-Moon blend, but synthesizing the specific character traits associated with an individual Sun, Moon, and Ascendant was an ambitious undertaking. The Kid Zone now offers astrologers a new level of interpretive accuracy. For the most advanced computer-driven calculations and interpretations that can be generated at a moderate price, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is an excellent choice for the twenty-first century astrologer.

(reviewed by Chris Lorenz)

American Astrology - Your Daily Horoscope, January 2004

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.1, Halloran Software, $169, Windows PC

HAVING started the software ball rolling with a review of some freeware programs a couple of months ago, it's time for me to extend that to some commercial software. By the way, it might surprise the reader to know that at the beginning of the personal computer revolution a couple of decades ago, astrology was in the forefront of innovation, with small software shops and lone dedicated programmers laboring on the first primitive machines in order to program the sometimes complicated techniques that astrologers use. Given the hard work of those programmers, advances in the accuracy and compactness of ephemerides, and certainly the constant improvements in computer technology, the basic problems such as the correctness of planetary calculations have all been solved. What makes any program different from the others is the variety it offers in terms of technique, and how smoothly all of its complex pieces work together to make it a useful and practical everyday tool.

John Halloran's AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter is just such a useful and practical tool, one which offers a great deal in a surprisingly simple package. I have had it sitting surreptitiously on my desktop (I'm still with Windows 98 SE, and have an "ancient" 886MHz Pentium 3 with 512 MB of memory), and when I click on the icon to check out a chart of one type of another, it just does its work, with no fuss. It is highly capable, very flexible, and includes enough options that it could well do everything most people need a piece of astrological software to do, including basic charts and subsidiary charts like progressions and returns. It will even, as the name indicates, turn out nice-looking reports which you can modify to fit your needs. And all of this happens at a price that is close to half what you will find being charged for some similar programs.

When I started using it, I did what I often do when trying out a piece of software: I just jumped right in without reading the instructions, just filling in dialog boxes and pressing buttons. This is what might be called the "crash test" phase that any software I try out has to be subjected to. Whether I buy a program, download it, or get it as a review copy, I find this approach useful not only as a means of understanding the program itself, but also as a way of getting to know its strengths and its weaknesses. Crashing around like this can, after all, hang up a piece of software or cause it to crash in some weird way, or even produce odd output of some sort, so a program's behavior under this kind of stress can be very informative. In the case of AstrolDeluxe, it did none of the bad things, but rather did what it was supposed to do without either crashing or hanging, and when it didn't do exactly what I expected, the easily available help file (plus the included printed documentation) always nudged me in the right direction.

The main screen from which you do all charts and calculations is self-explanatory, but pulling down the menus at the top was a bit of a surprise at first, as there are a wealth of options you can set beyond the basics of house system, sign, and aspect orbs. Most people won't need to change any of these options, but they do allow you to fine tune the program to your exact specifications.

Charting is very straightforward, as once you have filled in the birth date, etc., hitting "Calculate" produces a new screen with a standard chart wheel, but with drop-down menus that allow you to do other types of charts or see listings of aspects, midpoints, and so forth. One of those choices, an aspect chart, is shown below. Any chart you can see on screen can be copied to the clipboard as text or as a graphic, though of course these can be printed as well, and when printing a chart wheel, you are given the choice to include grids. There is no chart-designing facility as with some software, but the charts are good, clean and readable.

Aside from printing a chart or copying it as a graphic, you can also save the information it contains in a variety of forms such as an old-fashioned ASCII chart or as a web page version of this, or you can write it to a dbase file, or even something called an "XML" file. Though that last is an option most people might not understand or might not think they need, XML is a cutting-edge means of shaping information into a kind of universal format. Information technology people are probably gritting their teeth at that explanation, but if I get more technical than that the review will start to wander. The main reason I mention it is that it shows how the programming fits and finishes allow for little options like this. Such things may or may not be useful to most people, but they are there for those who need them, and the ones I've tested work well.

If you want to go beyond charting to doing a report, you'll find the process entertaining, and the reports themselves quite useful and well-written. When you give the instruction to do the report, you can watch AstrolDeluxe build it on screen. Several reports are available, but the program comes with one called "Personal Path" which gives a good standard chart reading. The astrologer who wants to sell these reports or provide them to clients can individualize them in a variety of ways, including choosing the fonts, settings the footers, and including or excluding various interpretations. As with the main program, even though you can do reports without altering the standard settings, if you want to you can configure both content and output to suit your personal taste.

Finally, along with utilities such as an ephemeris generator and a compatibility search, AstrolDeluxe has a very useful research module that allows you to search for charts with similar features in order to study how something like, for example, Sun conjunct Uranus in the 1st house works out in practical terms. The research module is designed for "chart file" research of the sort that most astrologers do, and though it takes a bit of learning, the help file is very clear and will answer most of your questions.

Altogether, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.1 is a great software package, with enough options to satisfy most users, clear, well-written help files, and enough flexibility to grow with you as your needs and tastes change. Even though many aspects of it are geared to the professional user, it is simple enough for a student of astrology to learn, as the program's standard settings make it easy to use the program "out of the box." You will not need to buy anything else, as along with its reports and its variety of charting options, AstrolDeluxe includes the PC Atlas, eliminating the need to look up time zones or latitudes and longitudes separately.

Oh, and one more thing which I haven't seen in an astrology program before is a handy utility that allows you to synchronize your computer's clock with the U.S. Naval Observatory, either over the Internet or by having the program dial you directly into the USNO. It's a nice touch in a nice program, and another of many reasons I can recommend AstrolDeluxe.


UPDATE: AstrolDeluxe 6.2

JUST AFTER this review was finished, a copy of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6.2 showed up with some interesting new options that I felt I had to mention. One of them is a favorite of mine: Gauquelin sectors and power zones. The positions of the planets in this framework are given in a listing easily available from the "Display" menu while viewing a chart. The table shows both the actual sector a planet is in and the zone (plus or minus), along with some other useful information.

Going a step further, however, AstrolDeluxe 6.2 includes sector positions in its research module, making it possible to include this information when searching for charts in your database that have similar astrological characteristics. It's not possible to go into this further in this limited space, but I'll be using this feature from time to time in "New Astrology" columns, starting next month. Another new feature worth mentioning is a Boehrer Declination Graph, a type of display that makes it much easier to see the role that declination plays in a particular chart.

(reviewed by editor Kenneth Irving as of September, 2003. The February 2004 through April 2004 issues do discuss using AstrolDeluxe to research Gauquelin sectors and power zones in a collection of famous charts. As of April 2004, American Astrology magazine appears under a new name: Horoscope Guide)

The Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) Journal, June 2003


I have been mainly using both Winstar and Solar Fire programs over the past 12 years, but was recently invited by Halloran Software, Los Angeles to review their latest report writer with "Kidzone" child natal reports and "Journey Returns" Solar Return reports. I'm glad that I invested the time to do this task. I must say that I was very impressed to experience such a quality chart program at a reasonable price, coupled with a thorough yet simple report writer series, which will certainly be quite useful in my work.

There are many astrology programs available, but very few with good professional report writers that I could recommend . However, I can quite strongly endorse these as being suitable for professional astrologers in Australia.

Halloran programs are quick-loading and don't gobble up enormous chunks of computer disk storage space, so its very feasible and economical to buy it as an "add on" to your current chart program or suite of programs, just for the sake of the professional report writers. As a bonus, it includes the latest version of the ACS atlas.

Many astrologers in Australia and New Zealand are familiar with Halloran through their large ads in the bi-monthly "Mountain Astrologer" magazine. Halloran has been supplying astrology programs since the 1980's and about 600 astrologers in Australia and New Zealand have bought from them direct over the years.

The first thing that struck me about the Halloran program is its basic simplicity and down to earth, practical approach. Most chart programs and writers have quite a challenging learning curve, especially for those who find computer programs daunting. This one makes it very easy to set up and configure individual astrologer's requirements and to feel confident about using the program and all that it offers. The data entry screen layout is good and offers loads of options plus an editor. You can choose from eleven standard house systems, plus a "user" system.

The reports themselves use a practical approach and are easy for clients to read and understand. The quite extensive Kidzone child reports are written by a New Zealand Astrologer and personalised for the child's name. This report covers approximately 55 pages including a concise introduction and it may be easily edited on screen before printing. It's comprehensive, yet a good one for non-astrologically inclined parents to understand. As most of you know, child report printouts are very popular with people seeking simple yet accurate insight into a child or new baby, especially as a gift or for people who are not yet willing to pay the cost of a full live consultation or individual report. I tried this one out on a few "non-astrology" clients who have had various printout reports before. They were all very happy with it and more than favourably impressed, commenting that they were sure that it would a helpful guide.

The basic Report Writer program includes a first-class unabridged world atlas with a database of 250,000 cities, plus a great "lookup" option. One very good feature is that you key up the place and state and it immediately selects the right one, which can avoid confusion where there is a town of the same name in more than one state. Also included is an instant chart "now" button and a "sunrise" button for unknown birth times. It's also easy to change planetary orb widths. On the other hand, the chart generator only offers a standard graphic chart format with editable features, although I find that it's simplicity and clarity are adequate. There's the usual bi-wheel and tri-wheel display option for transits and compatibilities and you can easily swap the inner and outer charts. You can produce Harmonic and also composite and Davison charts for synastry work.

The chart options offered within Report Writer are surprisingly extensive, including a few special ones such as:

Novien Charts, a chart used by sidereal astrologers, derived by multiplying the primary chart placements from the start of sidereal Taurus by nine.

Solar and Lunar parts charts.

Ascending and Descending Nodes charts (for all planets).

Declination equivalent charts.

Declination Antiscia charts

Harmonic and Modulus charts.

A range of progression charts, including the usual secondary, solar arc and tertiary direction.

Astro mapping - world, with major countries featuring Australia.

A range of summaries and supplementary chart information is available, including Arabic parts with aspects to natal, declinations and primary directions, plus a list of up to 51 asteroids, sorted by location and house There's also an interesting astro-match search and comparison which compares two charts or any number selected from the chart file, highlighting strongest aspects and "match/communication indices." A full professional compatibility report writer is available separately and not reviewed here.

I intend buying one of these.

A simple chart research option is useful for quickly locating planets by sign and house location. It's also possible to import charts from other programs.

The transit summary list printout is quite complete, listing both transiting and corresponding natal aspects, but to me, it seems a bit crowded and "dos-ish" and could have a neater and more appealing windows style layout for both clients and astrologers.

The Solar Return report writer is well-based astrologically, thorough and easy both for astrologers and their clients to read. As an astrological guide for the year ahead, it's realistic, with very practical advice and comments. There's not too much preamble for the practising astrologer, yet there is enough explanation for the lay person to gain helpful insight into potential opportunities and challenges for the whole period of the report. The report explores the return chart itself as an entity and the potential impact of the return on the natal chart. The advanced version includes transiting aspects from the Sun out, to the Solar return. This, of course, can be edited. It also includes progressed Solar Return angles as timing devices, which is helpful for people who wish to use the Solar return in conjunction with planetary transits for accurate astrological forecasting.

The report is indexed, with some good explanatory notes for clients. It allows you to select a simple standard report of around 40 pages or three other more advanced levels - Intermediate, Concise Advanced or an Advanced report of 112 pages. The advanced version is far more copious than most people would require. The standard report version is quite enough for most people.

Prices for these programs are:

Report Writer, v.6.1 including all calculations, editor and full PC Atlas US$169

Kidzone Reports US$100

Journey Returns Reports US$100

Based on current exchange rates at time of writing, this works out at approx $278 and $164 respectively, Aust currency.

Other reports offered by Halloran include 30 page Natal Reports, Spirit Success reports, Journey/Careers reports, Star-match Compatibility reports and Life-Trends reports which provides professional transits interpretations for the report writer. They also have a "Famous Charts" program with 4100 charts plus Biorhythms Cycles, and TimeSearch (reverse engineered horoscopes search for planetary cycles).

Halloran's website is https://www.halloran.com. John Halloran seems to have his finger well and truly on the business and is quick to respond to queries.

Program review by Anne and Peter Button who work together in Melbourne as professional consultants and teachers of Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, with clients throughout Australia and overseas. Anne's client approach is towards encouraging and facilitating personal growth and self-empowerment. Anne is a speaker at the 2004 International conference in Melbourne.

Peter is founder/secretary of the Australian Numerology Foundation. He is currently developing and extending his professional skills into the spiritual healing and clinical hypnotherapy area.

The Mountain Astrologer/Mercury Direct, Feb./Mar. 2002

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter for Windows Version 6.0

By John Halloran and Robert Brown
Halloran Software
Price: $169
for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, & 2000

AstrolDeluxe is a program that is in a class by itself. At about half the price of the large professional programs, it nevertheless offers an amazing number of calculation and research functions, is very stable, and has a full suite of optional add-on inexpensive interpretive reports. It has been developed and enhanced consistently over many, many years and is a very solid and stable program.

AstrolDeluxe has an 8,000 year date range of planetary calculations (with 1' of arc precision from 1800 - 2100), 70 asteroid positions (for dates from 1800-2100), and the full ACS U.S. and World Electronic Atlases and automatically looks up the correct longitude, latitude, and time zone for more than 250,000 places. What it doesn't include are a graphic display of transits & progressions, TransNeptunian points, fixed stars, and Vedic calculations.

The software makes it easy to select your default house system, local coordinates, points displayed in charts, glyph colors, and seven different sets of aspects and orbs (for natal, transit, progressed, synastry, midpoints, arabic parts, and asteroids). I wish all programs were this simple to customize. Its help screens are exceptionally complete and well written; you can learn to use any function without going to the manual. AstrolDeluxe performs all of the standard basic calculations, including natal charts, Solar and Lunar Returns; Secondary, Solar Arc, Tertiary, Minor and User-defined Progressed Charts; Composite charts, harmonic charts, transit and progressed hit lists, aspect and interaspect tables, and bi-wheels & tri-wheels. AstrolDeluxe's method of displaying aspects in a bi-wheel is exceptionally easy to read. See Figure One (Title:
Bi-Wheel with Aspect Lines)

(Note: While the program displays glyphs in chart wheels, in order to see astrological symbols instead of three letter abbreviations in tables and hit lists, you have to either: 1. Purchase the Halloran TrueType Astrological Font disk at $49 which includes over 80 astrological glyphs and a second font set of glyphs for 51 asteroids; or 2. Use the free Font Mapper included in the program to re-map the astrological symbols from an astrological font you already own for use in this program, which is quite easy to do.)

The software has many advanced features, including the ability to create any number of additional Arabic Parts, to copy charts to the clipboard, to save charts as image files (e.g., for sending to others via email or pasting into articles or other documents), an animated astro-clock (an updating chart wheel showing the present positions), a rectify tool to move the birth time forward or backwards by time and date or by Ascendant or M.C. position, wheels showing planetary nodes, Prime Vertical charts, Tobey Secondary charts, longitude equivalent charts (that show planets' declinations so that they can be viewed visually on the circle and analyzed for aspects), and novien charts. Upon viewing any graphic wheel, you can easily see aspect lines for major and/or minor aspects, and use a slider bar (See Figure Two) [Title: Chart with Slider Bar set to 60%] to adjust the allowable orb to hone in on just exact aspects or see ones with varying degrees of wider orbs. This is a truly innovative and excellent feature.

The program also allows you to synchronize your computer's internal clock with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, import files from a wide variety of programs including Nova, Blue*Star, Quick*Charts, Compact Data, Solar Fire, JigSaw, Kepler, and AAF formats, and export chart files to dBase format or XML format files. AstrolDeluxe also imports AstroDatabank files that have been exported to the Solar Fire format.

One of the more unusual, and very useful, additions to AstrolDeluxe is its Sensitive Points/Planet Aspects table. This table lists all of the planetary pictures (A + B - C) that aspect natal planets. Double-clicking on any line pops up Witte's delineation of that particular planetary picture. AstrolDeluxe offers in-depth harmonic analysis of the sensitive points, showing the strongest harmonics for any chart. AstrolDeluxe can also create ephemeris pages. By the time you read this, the program should also have basic Astro*Carto*Graphy mapping capabilities.

AstrolDeluxe has many useful and powerful tables, such as those for Arabic Parts, aspects to Arabic parts, midpoints, aspects to midpoints, sensitive points (a combined list of midpoints and A + B - C positions), aspects to sensitive points, asteroids, aspects to asteroids, declination aspects (i.e., parallels), aspects to house cusps, planetary coordinates (latitude, declination, R.A., M.D., S.A., Cuspal Distance), parans, primary directions, times of rising, setting, culminating, and anti-culminating for the date of birth, and a chart analysis table showing dignities, dispositors, chart ruler, hour lord, proportions for sign and house modes and elements, critical degrees, Lunar data (phase, latitude, distance, speed, and Void-of-Course indicator when true), out of bounds declinations, and dominant chart harmonics.

There are also a very fine assortment of synastry tables. You can look at the aspects between either person's planets and the second person's midpoints, Arabian parts, asteroids, planetary pictures, house cusps, as well as declinations (parallels) between both people's planets. If the comparison chart is a Current Transits chart (generated by clicking on the Here & Now button), one can quickly examine a sorted list of what transits are presently applying or separating to a native's chart.

One of the most outstanding features in AstrolDeluxe, and my favorite, is its great set of research functions. You can search any set of charts, with the greatest of ease, for a specific birth date or day, month, or year; planets by house, sign, decan, degree range, aspect, or retrograde; for intercepted signs or planets, for signs on house cusps and linked houses (houses with the same sign on both cusps), for house rulers by aspect or house, void-of-course Moon, strongest harmonic, remarks, client notes, or unlimited multi-paragraph memos about the chart (which can include imported biographical or classification details from AstroDataBank), and for midpoints in aspect to any planet. The research module can even create control groups to compare your results with (to eliminate spurious findings). See Figure 3 (Title: Research Screen)

One phenomenally powerful feature of the research module is its ability to search only derived charts, i.e., return, progressed, composite, directed, declination equivalent, planetary node, and/or Solar and Lunar Parts charts. This enables you to explore who, for example, has a T-Square in their progressed chart. (Note: you can only search derived charts that you have previously created and saved.) AstrolDeluxe has a $59 Famous Charts add-on that has been expanded to more than 4,000 charts and is an excellent data collection for those interested in the latest movie stars, etc.

Another truly exceptional feature of AstrolDeluxe, and the reason why the full name of the program is the AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, is its amazingly powerful astrological report designer. For astrologers who want to create their own natal, transit, progressed, solar return, or relationship reports, the software provides a complete set of tools and superb formatting controls. You can create boilerplate blocks of text that automatically are inserted at specific places in each report, put the client's name in the body of the text, include interpretations for decanates, transfer the output to your word processor for additional formatting (e.g., adding a watermark), and include sign pictures in reports. Of course, the software makes it easy to enter text for planets in signs, houses, and aspects (in order of strength), and allows you to select from different report formats: e.g., for natal reports, in addition to more conventional formats, you can choose a format that focuses on the sign on the cusp of each house, and the ruler of that sign by sign, house, and aspect.

You won't have to create your own interpretations, however, because AstrolDeluxe comes with the Spirit Success natal report built-in (see below) and also offers a wide range of very inexpensive add-on interpretive reports, that are fully licensed for resale. In fact, using AstrolDeluxe is the least expensive way there is to get your own complete suite of saleable interpretive astrological reports.

The Spirit Success report by Carolyne Lacy produces a report of about 18 pages. Each paragraph begins with a thematic keyword. Here's a sample:

Moon opposite Venus (Strength: 03.26)

(The Mirage)

You believe in pleasures of the moment, but must be careful that you can pay your debts "tomorrow." You feel that you can have your own way just by being "you," not from conceit, but that in some way you have a special birthright and the world owes you a living. Much of what you fantasize may come about because of your positive attitude of expectation, but be prepared for those times when only the sweat of your brow will produce the results you desire.

The Spirit Success natal report is very well written, and it's wonderful that AstrolDeluxe now bundles it with the program.

1. The Natal Reports: Using the standard template, all of the natal reports first delineate planets (and the angles and the nodes) in signs and houses, and then in aspect (and assign a weight to each aspect), and then conclude by interpreting elemental and modal predominances. You can also select other templates to interpret the chart house-by-house, or with other formats.

A. The Personal Path Report by Janice Barsky ($100) creates about a 30 page report with more extensive interpretations. Here's a sample:

Moon opposite Venus (Strength: 03.26)

It may seem that you encounter opposition from others in life no matter what you do. This is partially because of your overwhelming need to earn others' good favor. You always feel compelled to prove your sincerity and loyalty to others, but they often suspect you when you do. You can be extravagantly generous in your efforts to win friends and influence others, and yet people don't show appreciation for your gifts.

Those you love most may even misunderstand you. Conflicts with family members and lovers are common. They may be defensive and suspicious of you, wondering what it is you want from them in return for your generosity. You must learn to accept yourself as you are, and then you will know that others can accept you too. Until then you will relate to others with such a sense of desperation and urgency that they become agitated by your energy and reject you.

Form solid friendships with those you care for. Get to know them on an intellectual level before becoming emotional. Be companion and confidant to them without expecting anything in return. You'll be surprised at how much you receive from others once you stop demanding it. Learn to give people their own private space and to keep your nose out of others' business.

Be careful in spending your money--you do have a taste for the finer things in life. At times, however, you may have a "champagne appetite and a soda pop pocketbook." Learn to cut corners when necessary. In love relationships you may learn to use sex to acquire expensive gifts and special treatment. Just be careful that you don't end up paying handsomely in the end.

The Personal Path Report goes into much more depth than the Spirit Success report, and often offers excellent suggestions for working with chart factors. Occasionally, however, the delineations don't quite fit. Nevertheless, the report is a bargain and worth exploring.

B. The Journey Career Report by Anthony Louis ($100) interprets natal charts for career indications. This report is surprisingly sophisticated and delineates planets in Gauquelin sectors, famous people who have the same Ascendant and Sun positions, decanate interpretations for the Ascendant, M.C. and Sun, the Second and Sixth house cusps, Saturn's career cycle, planets by house and sign, predominances of planets in elements and elemental houses (e.g., a predominance in 2, 6, 10), and a focus on the most active planets, signs, and houses.

Here's a sample:

Moon opposite Venus (Strength: 03.26)

Moon/Venus contacts indicate popularity, optimism, refinement, and elegance. They lend balance, steadiness, and perspective to your thinking. Your ability to remain calm and collected under pressure can lead to success as a politician, military leader, statesman, filmmaker, entertainer, or athlete. You do well in adversarial or competitive situations because you keep your cool and are able to make the right move at the right time. Your sense of balance, form, and harmony favors any kind of musical or artistic pursuit. You have a knack for perceiving inter-relationships and abstract connections, which may lead to an interest in mathematics, physics, philosophy, musical composition, chess, or similar intellectual pursuits. There is often considerable literary talent. Stressful Moon/Venus aspects suggest that you may suffer through your affections or have unfortunate experiences in associations and partnerships. You may also have a tendency to deal with stress by escaping into self-indulgent behaviors.

The Journey Career Report is a comprehensive and carefully crafted analysis of each astrological factor's influence upon career. As such, it will present you with a great deal of information to digest and synthesize. It is one of the best career reports that I've seen.

D. KidZone Child Reports by Marise Payne ($100) delineates birth charts for children. I like the writing in this report. It is balanced, thoughtful, and quite useful for the parent. Here's a sample:

Venus in the Tenth House

10th House: The dominant parent. Parental expectations, attitudes and ambitions for the child. The outside world.

Hank has Venus in the 10th House so will definitely be ambitious and quite serious. These kids will always seem to be very mature for their age. They are diligent and will work hard to get results but they do need recognition for achievements. In fact, that recognition is often their greatest motivator. Venus in the 10th House often indicates a person with a good voice. Who either speaks beautifully or perhaps with singing ability.

Venus in the 10th House often suggests a warm relationship with the father-figure, or with the mother if she has taken a fatherly role in their life. In either case, that parent has a positive and good influence on the child. These kids see the world through optimistic eyes. They see it as a place where they can live and enjoy themselves with confidence, rather than as a rat-race that has to be overcome. But, to feel good about the world, this child very much needs their parents' support. If this is missing, Hank could suffer very badly throughout childhood.

With maturity, Hank will probably be attracted to sophisticated entertainment - like the arts for example. The actual career could well involve working with people in a diplomatic, or counseling type capacity. Hank will probably be interested in the world at large rather than just the local environment. This child should definitely succeed and climb the social ladder with ease. As Hank reaches adulthood the word "sophisticated" will become an apparent word to describe this young person.

2. The Predictive reports. There are three predictive reports available as add-ons.

A. The LifeTrends report by Deanna Christensen and Janice Barsky ($100) delineates transiting-to-natal aspects. For the inner planet transits (e.g., by the Sun through Mars) the delineations are very brief. For the outer planets, however, they can span several paragraphs.

Pluto square Saturn: 11/11/01, Exact enters orb: 9/18/01, 1.43 deg. orb - leaves orb: 1/3/02, 2.00 deg. orb

This once-in-a-lifetime transit will bring strong challenges to the structures you have created in your life. It may seem that you must make drastic changes now in order to preserve your sense of security. What is happening is that you are rearranging your internal energies to such an extent that your outer world must reflect these changes. This may bring circumstances into your life which will seem at first to be overwhelming and out of your control. In actuality, you are only experiencing an outer reflection of the changes occurring within you.

It may seem at this time that the entire world is against you. You will feel pressured into doing things which you do not want to do, and you will vigorously resist. If resistance does not produce the results you seek, you will be forced into changing the situation. Either way, you need to watch your health, since you will expend a great deal of psychological and physical energy now. Problem areas include taxes, insurance, divorce settlements, corporate affairs and inheritances.

You may lose resources which you have come to rely on during this transit so that you have to become creative with your finances and other material resources. Now is not a good time to start new projects, but rather it is the time to put old ones to the test of endurance. Many people and situations may pass from your life now because they cannot withstand this test. It is best to willingly let them go, for they are no longer appropriate to who you are becoming.

Now is the time to honestly evaluate all aspects of your life and voluntarily relinquish whatever you no longer need, such as things or people which make you feel secure but do not add to your personal growth. If you do not do this willingly, circumstances will force you to do it, so it is better to cooperate in the process. When this transit has passed, you will be able to understand why these people and things had to be eliminated in order to accommodate your new sense of self. You are going through a transformation now and will hardly recognize the old you once it is completed.

B. The Journey Progressions report by Anthony Louis ($100) does a good job of delineating secondary progressed planets by sign, house, and aspect. It shows when progressed planets enter new signs and degrees, and when progressed aspects complete. Be careful, though, because some of the readings are a bit negative.

Here's a sample:

Progressed Ascendant conjunct Mars: 19-Sep-2001, 0.27 deg. orb enters orb: 19-Sep-2001, 0.27 deg. orb - leaves orb: 06-Aug-2002, 1.00 deg. orb

The year before and after this date will find you being more assertive, independent, and enterprising. You can take the lead in initiating new projects and pursuing personal goals. Others may see you as too pushy and self-interested at this time. This can sometimes indicate a marriage or the birth of a child. Events occur involving the young men in your life. If this conjunction makes stressful aspects, there is a risk of divorce, injury, accident, inflammation, infection, burns, or a need for surgery.

C. Journey Solar Returns by Anthony Louis ($100) explores, in great detail, the dynamics of a person's Solar Return. This extensive report covers the planets, angles, and aspects within the return chart and between the return chart and the natal chart. It is not only comprehensive but very carefully written and a valuable report to own. Here's a sample:

Return Ascendant in the Natal 2nd House

The Natal House placement of the Return Ascendant shows where you are most likely to take personal action during the coming year. Your dominant interests and activities will center around 2nd House matters such as income, finances, money, resources, belongings, and personal values. This is a year to get your financial House in order. Review your budget, plan your savings, make a will, and do what you must to provide for yourself and your loved ones. You may have the opportunity to improve your economic outlook, perhaps by seeking a raise, settling old debts, or pursuing new sources of income. If the planet(s) that rule or occupy the Return 2nd House are afflicted, there is a risk of monetary loss or financial difficulty.

The Return Ascendant-Descendant axis also highlights 8th House issues such as shared resources, taxes, loans, investment income, joint finances, sexuality, mortality, spirituality, the afterlife, crises, healing, personal transformation, and occult interests. On occasion this can signify a need to deal with a legacy, the goods of the dead, or the passing of someone in your family or in your circle of acquaintances. You could also spend considerable time this year on matters related to your own health and mortality.

3. Synastry Report.

A. The Star Match compatibility report by Janice Barsky ($100) compares two charts by delineating each person's Descendant (7th house cusp), Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars (to describe their emotional needs) and then interpreting the mutual house placements and the interaspects between both charts. The software assigns a positive or negative weighting to each aspect, depending upon how strong it is, and at the end of the report gives a total of all of the weightings and the ratio of positive to negative factors.

Here's a sample for Warren Beatty and Carly Simon:

Warren's Mercury square Carly's Mercury (Strength: -836.1 )

There is a tendency here to criticize each other. This combination can be difficult to work with in romance unless other aspects provide the missing element of companionship. There is a danger of disagreements and misunderstandings-- and of course this is exacerbated by one or both partners taking a stubborn position. You must each learn to compromise with the other in order to achieve harmony.

I find both the format and interpretations of the Star Match report to be well done.

AstrolDeluxe is amazingly powerful, and offers a surprisingly diverse set of capabilities in a very inexpensive package. It has outstanding research functions, and many unique types of tables and charts. Its built-in report designer and fine natal report, and optional inexpensive report add-ons allow astrologers to create their own reports and market high quality astrology reports to others easily and economically. I can see why so many astrologers are happy that they own AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter.

(reviewed by Hank Friedman as of September, 2001)

A customer sent in the following reaction to the above review:
"I just received my latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer, and was pleased to see your software reviewed in Mercury Direct. Unfortunately, I thought the review failed to do justice to the program, especially the ReportWriter function, which seems to me unparalleled amongst all the other astrology software on the market."

The International Astrologer, Fall 2001


Halloran's ASTROLDELUXE 5.0
By Bette Denlinger

When I bought my first computer I wanted software that was idiot-proof and intuitive. Not having the patience, time, or expertise to read through pages and pages of technical garble, once that new computer was plugged in and online, I explored astrology software sites, looking for freebies and samples. Always cautious about spending money (Saturn in the second!), testing a free trial program before parting with hard-earned cash was an attractive option. Of the several programs evaluated, I chose AstrolDeluxe and still use it regularly. Maybe this is my fixed sign tendency to resist change, or perhaps a preference for the tried and true. It may have to do with the fact that while helping John at his sales booth at ISAR '96 I found him honest and forthright (just like his programs). Perhaps my fondness for the program stems from John Halloran's willingness to include the declination conversions to longitude that Jamie Longstreet and I worked on in the 90's or the fun I had beta testing the Report Writer. Personal preferences aside, over these many years I have found all of the AstrolDeluxe products to be reasonably priced, dependable and simple to operate.

The latest edition of AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, Version 5.0, has many beneficial additions for the professional astrologer. Today, astrologers expect software to do everything except take out the garbage and are no longer satisfied with a program that merely takes the burden of hours of hand calculations off their hands. Most astrologers require an internet-friendly program that is compatible with a variety of software and word processors, prints sharp and "professional" reports, allows users to add their own words to interpretive text, and contains tools to perform research and practice new techniques.

The biggest improvement to AstrolDeluxe is the ability to create a Tri-Wheel. Many astrologers begin personal consultations by analyzing natal chart, progressed chart, and transits and want all this information compiled on one piece of paper. This was one major objection to previous versions of this software that is now overcome.

Web gurus will find the ability to save charts as HTML (HyperText Markup Language) a great enhancement to the program. One can save the chart as HTML, attach it to email, and send it off to the nether regions of the web in a few short strokes or upload it to a web page, "as is". Those struggling in dark back alleys of computerland, where it is not polite to use attachments, can "save as ASCII" which makes a text file suitable to paste in the body of email. Even better, AstrolDeluxe 5.0 now enables writers and publishers to save charts in publishing formats for both print and web such as GIF, JPG, or PNG, the cross operating system format TIFF, and even PCX and WMF. One can still choose to save graphics as a bulky BMP file. All of these formats are actually conversions from a BMP, so don't expect the highest print quality in the lines on the charts, but this feature is a vast time-saver for those who have to convert astrology graphics for publications elsewhere.

One reason I have stuck with AstrolDeluxe is because comparing two charts is extremely simple. Now inner and outer chart wheels can be switched with a click of the mouse. Viewing the chart from a different perspective is particularly helpful with synastric comparisons because one can see more easily which houses the other person's planets occupy. This is a time-saver for dedicated astrologers and a much needed improvement.

These days, it is taken for granted that language is not a barrier to worldwide communications. Perhaps one of the most appealing modifications in the latest incarnation of the program is the ability to run interpretations and create charts in other languages. AstrolDeluxe 5.0 is shipped with a minimum of English and Spanish chart capability and some interpretation modules are available in both languages, but you can print charts in any of 13 other language options available (a free download at the website). One can now customize the AstrolDeluxe Report Writer to translate existing text into another language, save the foreign language files, and have charts to match. Owning a program that allows astrologers to share charts in various languages is a great boon to the community.

One of the features I use most often in this latest version is the ability to view declination aspects quickly from the "Display" menu. There is also a switch to check declination aspects between two charts in comparison. Once one has the ability to run declination data quickly, most users will find this much-overlooked astrological factor a useful addition in their astrological arsenal.

In written reports, offering the reader a rule by which to gauge how important any given aspect is relative to the whole chart is an excellent option. Interpretive text for declinations as well as aspects may be set to print with either rated strengths or orbs. Neophytes seem to understand the importance of each aspect in a report much better when aspects are presented as numeric strengths rather than as orbs.

Researchers will find many improvements in AstrolDeluxe 5.0's search options, including the capability to include parallels and contraparallels, intercepted houses and decans, conjunctions to house cusps, and more.

Another enormously useful and popular new feature is the Rectify/Rotate Chart module. This can be set to act as an Astro Clock for Horary or to choose electional dates, or a chart can be redrawn by hour, minute, second, or day for rectification. One can choose to advance the chart backwards or forwards via MC or ASC degree rather than by time periods. The autodraw feature allows you to watch transits fly by in increments of whatever time period you choose.

Halloran has added many other new features to AstrolDeluxe 5.0 that serious astrologers have had on their "wish list"; the ability to calculate a Harmonics/Modulus chart (with Dominant Harmonics now listed in the chart analysis screen), a Prime Vertical Chart, a Table of Rise/Set/Culminate/Anticulminate Times from which one can ascertain Parans, and a Table for Primary Directions. There is even an Ephemeris Generator.

Best of all (and perhaps most easily overlooked), 5.0 includes the Witte Method of Sensitive Points and Planetary Pictures from which Ebertin developed his work. When the Sensitive Points screen is brought up the point may be clicked on and a pop up screen provides Witte's text/interpretation from his book, "Rules for Planetary Pictures." These points can also be accessed for composite charts. (However, John Halloran suggests that users may wish to be leery of giving the text to clients because the harsh language Witte used for difficult aspects could "freak out" some people.)

AstrolDeluxe Version 5.0 contains many much-needed additions and has been brought "up to snuff" for 2001. This useful, all around program will appeal to a broad range of professional astrologers and is a reliable program to recommend to students.

A free trial download, a complete list of features, specific system requirements, pricing and more information is available at the website: www.halloran.com or one may write: Halloran Software, PO Box 75713 Los Angeles, CA 90075.

(reviewed by Bette Denlinger as of July, 2001)

Dell Horoscope, September, 2001

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, version 5.0 by John Halloran; Halloran Software, PO Box 75713, Los Angeles, CA 90075; 2001; CD and 3.5" disk, Windows-based program, $149; web site: www.halloran.com

In the old days, when astrologers calculated horoscopes by hand, coming up with an accurate birth-chart often took half an hour or more. The process was complicated by the uncertainty of time zones, the use of logarithms, and the conversion of longitude and latitude into distance from Greenwich, England. For those interested only in the symbolic language, the mathematics presented a formidable obstacle to entering the world of astrology. Nowadays, astrology software makes the task as simple as typing in the birth data and clicking on the Calculate button -- that is, if you have a decent astrology program.

Among the many astrology software programs available, John Halloran's AstrolDeluxe has gained a solid reputation for its ease of use, accuracy, and speed. Now, the latest version, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, is being released, version 5, and it's packed with a long list of practical, new tools. Earlier versions became popular for newcomers and professionals alike due to the intuitive, user-friendly interface and the numerous calculation features, notably the mini-Atlas and the Here-and-Now button. The AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter includes all the calculation features from earlier versions, plus gives immediate access to interpretive reports. The sleek design of the natal information screen remains the same, but once the horoscope is up, printing professional reports from within the calculation program can be completed with a click of the mouse. Professional interpretive reports programs are sold separately and range in price from $49 to $100. These include transits and progressions reports, career analysis, synastry, and natal interpretive reports.

Among the additional tools found with this ReportWriter, you'll find an astro-clock, an ephemeris generator, various search functions to find charts with specific signatures, information displayed in different languages (Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc.), declination tables and comparisons, increased Pluto accuracy, bi-wheels that can reverse inner and outer charts, and a triple wheel. A table displaying the location of fifty-one asteroids is included, and the five major asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas, and Chiron) can be included on the displayed horoscope. Some competitive software programs include the so-called trans-Neptunian planets (Zeus, Hades, Admetos, etc.), which tends to give these hypothetical points undeserved legitimacy. Thankfully, you won't find these in Halloran's software, since the designer made an editorial decision that keeps astrology focused on reality.

What is new with version 5 is a set of 1381 sensitive points as originally described by Alfred Witte and expanded upon by his successor Reinhold Ebertin. Ebertin is best known for his midpoints manual The Combination of Stellar Influences. Most of the sensitive points are described by the formula A + B - C, but they also include all the midpoints for any two planets. This is the same formula used to find the Arabic Parts; but for this list of sensitive points, A can be any planet. Version 5 includes a table of these sensitive points, and double-clicking on any one gives a pop-up interpretation as delineated by [Witte].

For example, clicking on the MA/JU midpoint gets: "Enterprising, energetic, acquisitive." Clicking on SU + MA - SA gets: "Beginning of an illness. A man's activity is obstructed. Interruption of work or activity." The addition of the sensitive-points function makes AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter unique in the field of astrology software. Visit www.halloran.com for a list of professional interpretive reports and other add-ons and to find details about version 5.0. Or call 1-800-SEAGOAT for personal service from John Halloran himself.

(reviewed by Chris Lorenz as of March, 2001)

NCGR Memberletter, Feb. 1999---Software Review---Halloran's AstrolDeluxe

Almost any software programs will calculate basic, plain vanilla declination, but there is only one software program available at this time that will calculate declination, its celestial longitude equivalents, its antiscia and the relative ecliptic positions when out-of bounds. That software program is John Halloran's AstrolDeluxe.

John worked directly with Kt Boehrer to make certain his program would calculate this important information correctly and in an easily usable format. And what a time saver this is!—a few keystrokes— and wallah—accurate information in a matter of moments!

To show how easily and quickly this program works—all you do is enter the chart information and hit the Calculate button. You have the natal chart! Go back to the Enter Screen, select Options in the top menu and Declination Equivalent Chart 1—as if by magic, you have declination equivalents in celestial longitude—it is that fast.

Return to the main screen, go to the second Declination Equivalent Chart and you have antiscia in celestial longitude. We are talking seconds for calculation!! While you are at either of the declination charts you can bring up a screen that lists declination natal positions, identifying out-of-bounds planets.

All screens are printable—the charts showing celestial longitude equivalents and the list showing the positions in basic, natal declination.

Examples of print-outs are shown below for Clinton's 3:44 am birth chart. The first chart shows declination longitude equivalents derived from basic declination and the second shows antiscia positions. You can also set a double wheel that will compare either of the declination charts to the natal or to each other. There is enormous potential with this program.

Overall, this is highly comprehensive software that will set progressions, solar arc, midpoints, Arabian parts; charts for returns, Noviens, solar parts, and lunar parts; ascending and descending planetary nodes; in 11 house systems (including Alcabitius which few programs offer); in the tropical, sidereal or draconic zodiac —and includes Chiron, plus the 4 major asteroids (with an option for over 50), as well as the ACS mini-atlas.

You can set in color, include astrological graphics, change header and body text—the potential just goes on and on—all of which is done with an accuracy that belies other popular programs.

If you are worried about installation, forget that—it is all but automatic. Furthermore, unlike some other highly advertised programs, John actively supports his programs with an easy-to-follow manual and technical assistance at (818) 901-1221.

With all these features and the unique declination calculations, a big surprise is the reasonable cost—for version 2.3 only $119!. For $30 more, John will include his ReportWriter, version 4.1.

You can check all this on John's website, https://www.halloran.com.—where you can purchase by credit card—or by calling 1-800-SEA-GOAT (732-4628), or by writing Halloran Software, P.O. Box 75713, Los Angeles, California 90075. (Thanks, John, for a job well-done.)

Reviewed by Leigh Westin (as of Feb. 1999)

Dell Horoscope, March 1998

AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter from John Halloran and Robert Brown; Halloran Software; PO Box 75713, Los Angeles, CA 90075; 1-800-SEA-GOAT; four disks for Windows 3.1 or Windows95; $149.

If the various astrology programs were compared to cars, then Halloran Software's AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter would be a sports car. Fast, sleek, and easy to handle, this latest model (version 3.0) is probably the most user-friendly software available on the market. It comes fully equipped with such performance enhancing features as a Mini-Atlas Express, a Here and Now button for instant charts, and a detailed transits or progressions list at a click of the mouse. If you can run Windows, then AstrolDeluxe is a snap.

While AstrolDeluxe doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive programs (SolarFire or WinStar), it will handle all the basic astrology tasks with speed and accuracy. This updated version with the ReportWriter remains at the same mid-level price of $149, making this the perfect first astrology software for those new to either computers or astrology. More expensive software programs tend to be difficult to navigate through, and contain too many options which will never be used. Those software programs that can be downloaded from the internet for free (such as Astrolog) are plagued by less than precise planetary locations, which become severely aggravated when the chart is progressed. Programs under $100 will not meet the essential needs of most astrology students or professionals.

The ReportWriter itself provides an editable template to custom design your own interpretations or to seamlessly blend in the many add-on reports available from Halloran Software. The most popular and comprehensive report is the "Personal Path Reports," which sells for an extra $100. Once this software is installed, getting a written report running twenty to twenty-five pages is as easy as clicking the "Interpret" option on the tool bar. The thumbnail personality sketches are derived from the key elements in the horoscope - essentially, the planets in signs, houses, and in aspect to each other. To beginners, the horoscope may seem like a very strange language, but with these interpretations at hand, the chart is fleshed out in plain English. Artistic renditions of the signs can be inserted into the report, and pictures for the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs are enabled as the default. The appearance of the report can be edited to suit personal tastes. The intermediate astrologer can substitute a house-by-house natal delineation or create a report just by moving items between two Windows listboxes.

I ran Drew Barrymore's chart to see what the ReportWriter had to say about this Gen-X star. She has a Gemini Ascendant: "You are constantly on the move and love it that way. Since you are mentally and physically active, you are happiest when you are engaged in many projects at once... " With her Pisces Sun, Drew sadly fit this description: "You live in a semi-dream world, and you will retreat into your illusory world whenever the pressures of real life become unbearable." Drew's parents were not available when she was a child star, and so she did in fact retreat into drugs and alcohol as a young teen. The ReportWriter described her tenth house Sun as a drive toward success and respect, with strong leadership qualitites. Drew has had an unusually active and risque love life, so her Venus in Pisces caught my attention: "You tend to be attracted to 'stray puppies' - people who need to be saved from their sorry lot in life." The actual description ran four paragraphs, and was followed up by Venus in the tenth, and, later, Venus conjunct Jupiter.

Besides the "Personal Path Reports," Halloran Software has a variety of specialty add-ons. The "Spirit Success Report" is more of a hobbyist set of natal interpretations that sells for $49. Then to find out about compatibility there is "StarMatch Reports," and additional programs provide interpretations on transits and progressions. These are all $100 each. And for those interested in tracking the stars, the Famous Charts disk (for $59) contains horoscopes of 3,150 celebrities and historical figures.

The AstrolDeluxe Reportwriter is a bold, competitive move in an astrology-software market that is rapidly maturing. With many fine programs now available at relatively low cost, Americans cannot much longer remain ignorant of astrology's immense psychological value. Computers and astrology are both ruled by Aquarius, and the two together have a synergistic effect that is accelerating now that we are living in a global village. Halloran's software represents a standard for quality and price that deserves your first look when shopping for a personal calculation tool.

(reviewed by Chris Lorenz as of October, 1997)

The Mountain Astrologer, November 1995

AstrolDeluxe for Windows

Price: $149

Halloran Software - P.O. Box 75713 - Los Angeles, CA 90075
orders: (800) SEA-GOAT - phone: (818) 901-1221 - fax: (818) 901-8875.

If you're new to astrology software, have a limited budget, and aren't sure where to start, here's good news -- Halloran Software offers an amazingly inexpensive starter version of AstrolDeluxe called Astrology for Windows. This little program does natal charts, return charts, transit hits, and includes a demo of AstrolDeluxe. There's a $20 break on buying AstrolDeluxe after buying Astrology for Windows.

AstrolDeluxe has been on the market since 1993, and might have appeared earlier if not for the developer's insistence on a long beta-test process. AstrolDeluxe runs very cleanly. In the course of learning the program for this review I didn't crash the program once. The documentation and Help are very informative, obviously produced with care.

Entering natal information is simple and intuitive, as it should be in a Windows program. AstrolDeluxe accesses the ACS PC Atlas you may already have, or if you have the ACS books you can use the program's editable atlas (over 2500 international cities built in) to maintain a record of the geographical coordinates you use. With AstrolDeluxe you can also enter longitude and latitude coordinates by clicking on a map of the World, U.S., or Europe.

Once you have entered the natal data you can display a chart wheel immediately or save the data to avail yourself of the program's return, transit, and progression options. AstrolDeluxe calculates solar, lunar, and phase-angle returns. Its progression options include standard and Bija quotidian rates as well as the rate of the mean Sun's right ascension (Naibod). Progressed charts based on a real time are configured to hypothetical coordinates corresponding to the progressed angles -- an innovative and intriguing feature in an area saturated with methods.

The Graphic Aspects feature in AstrolDeluxe cleverly adds or removes aspect lines from a wheel according to the orbs you set on a scale of 0 (smallest) to 200 (largest); twice the normal 100 percent) with the option of viewing harmonious and discordant major and minor aspects. You can view a table of the chart's aspects, sorted by closest orb, as well as the angular separations between all points. There's a zodiacal sort of midpoints and a table of midpoint-planet aspects. All tables and data are based on chart calculations in the program's 8,000-year high-precision range.

AstrolDeluxe has been on the market long enough to include some research features generally reserved for mature programs. The Search for Charts and Find Compatible Charts options will keep you busy searching for charts that meet the criteria you specify. Research criteria include aspects, rulers in aspect, rulers in houses, birthday, house, sign, and midpoint aspects. Chart comparison criteria include a unique and customizable weighted communications index. Halloran Software sells ($59) a database of 2350 famous charts for research use. For research or general program use, AstrolDeluxe also converts Nova, Blue*Star, Quick Charts, Compact Data, or Kepler files you may already have -- no need to rekey your chart files if you are making a move to AstrolDeluxe. You can merge separate chart files into a common file as well as convert charts or chart files to dBase III format for research use.

With AstrolDeluxe you can create lists of Arabic parts for any chart using various combinations of planets, angles, asteroids, house cusps, dispositors, rulers, and degrees. Like most programs, AstrolDeluxe lets you calculate a chart in the sidereal zodiac, but you have to specify an offset if you want other than the Fagan-Bradley sidereal zodiac.

Most Windows astrology programs include their own astrological font for general Windows use. Halloran Software sells ($49) a True Type font specifically for use with AstrolDeluxe, which includes a program called FontMapper that lets you easily "map" astrological glyphs according to where the program expects to find them if you already have an astrological font and don't want to buy another.

AstrolDeluxe is a thoroughly tested program that's a pleasure to use. It's not a "kitchen sink" program in the sense of having every possible option, but it's a balance of advanced calculation power and ease of use. I found the program's research features especially intriguing. Bonuses such as editable or replaceable astrological bitmap images for display in the center of wheels give the program an added desktop publishing touch. The developer produces an astrodynes program for Windows and, if you aren't yet running Windows, has a wide range of DOS software, including a $59 version of AstrolDeluxe. AstrolDeluxe for Windows can save client data in a common chart file from which all of Halloran Software's DOS-based interpretation programs will produce reports.

(reviewed by Tom Bridges as of Sept. 1995)

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