NewsScope for October 16, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

Trump’s Top Five Astro-Events for the next Six Months

1. Uranus squares Trump’s Venus on November 8 and February 24, but is in effect now and through mid-March. These are the second and third (final) challenging connections between Uranus in independent, impulsive Aries, and Venus the ruler of his Midheaven. The Uranian influence modifies Venus’s symbolism from deal maker to deal breaker (e.g., Obamacare, Iran Treaty), and also suggests some surprising developments concerning female family members (Venus in Cancer).

2. His progressed Moon conjoins natal Pluto on January 24, highlighting his interest in and/or concern over nuclear weapons, secret enemies, and the ongoing investigations into Russian meddling. Expect some major power plays as this astro-event approaches, perhaps including the firing of Robert Mueller and/or the release of whatever evidence he has uncovered. Life for the president, and many in his circle, becomes a fight for political survival which may spill over into geopolitical tensions.

3. The Solar Eclipse on February 25 opposes Trump’s natal Mars. Like the August 21 Solar Eclipse that also aligned with his Leo Ascendant and Mars, expect some major saber rattling against North Korea, Iran, or any other nation that would challenge Trump’s vision of making America great again. Actual military clashes that could quickly escalate are certainly possible under this celestial dynamic.

4. Trump’s progressed Mars sextiles natal Pluto on March 19 but is in effect now and several months past the exact link between these two warrior archetypes. The harmonious exchange between Mars and Pluto indicates that Trump’s closest advisers will continue to be his generals, especially Mattis and Kelly. Expect bold expressions of American military might across the global village and/or as organized relief efforts, such as in Puerto Rico.

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5. His progressed Midheaven octiles (semisquares) natal Uranus on March 3, emphasizing his unique brand of presidency (Uranus in 10th). Coincidentally (synchronistically!), his progressed Midheaven conjoins progressed Saturn at the same time, pitting the conservative, traditional way of doing things with his original, media-savvy (Uranus in Gemini) interface with the rest of the world. Political alliances fall apart as new ones are made under this influence. Trump’s standing (approval rating) becomes volatile, dramatically escalating or collapsing.

Trump and Eris, the Troublemaker

A sixth astro-event could be added, but it’s been in effect since 2010, and will remain a major influence for years to come yet. Astrologers in general don’t consider Eris since it was only recently discovered, but we have a few books out now which elucidate Eris, known as the Goddess of Chaos and Discord or, expressed more positively, as the spiritual warrior.

The way Eris works is that by planting small seeds of doubt, large disagreements may ensue that undermine the underlying fabric of society. In her primary myth, Eris was not invited to a wedding feast. In revenge, she crashed the party and tossed a golden apple inscribed with the cryptic words "For the fairest." The dispute over who exactly was the fairest led to the Trojan War.

In the same way, Trump acts as the spiritual warrior, undermining what his followers see as corrupt Washington politics. In his natal chart, Eris squares Mercury and opposes Neptune, a configuration that readily plays fast and loose with the facts. By asserting things that are often blatantly not true, or may or may not be true, Trump finds visceral support from a significant faction (currently 40%) who approve of his agenda.

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Transiting Eris is now at 23º Aries where it will be sextile Trump’s Gemini Sun in November and again in February. Since Eris takes 556 years to orbit the Sun, it remains in the same degree area for a decade or more. Eris has been in Aries since 1927 where it’s been particularly forceful for those who, like Trump, are channeling its warrior spirit. Eris is also squaring Trump’s Saturn at 23º Cancer, which gives him a disruptive but fierce sense of family, tribal, and national pride.

Astro-Twins Harvey Weinstein and Rex Tillerson

Innumerable astrologers, writing for the masses, came out last week to explain Harvey Weinstein’s bad behavior. His Mars in Scorpio squares Pluto, making him a sexual predator – or so goes the logic. His Mercury opposite Saturn and Neptune in Libra led to an inability to connect with people on a personal level, and led to decades of lies, deception, and scandalous activities.

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As it turns out, Weinstein (March 19, 1952) was born only four days before Rex Tillerson (March 23, 1952), who was also making headlines news last week for calling Trump a moron. Like Weinstein, Tillerson has his Mars at 18º Scorpio and squaring Pluto. However, he’s on his second marriage, and credited his wife for urging him to accept the Secretary of State post rather than retire with his $180 million Exxon bonus. It was the honorable thing to do.

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And Tillerson also has Mercury in Aries opposite the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, so we can’t blame these "stars" for scandalous sexual abuse. The many common alignments in these two charts brought them simultaneous attention, but for very different reasons. Tillerson has used his powerfully placed Mars to promote Exxon around the world, most notably, in becoming the only oil conglomerate to land a North Sea deal with Russia.

Weinstein’s Sun at 29º Pisces trines Black Moon Lilith at 29º Cancer, and both are aspecting the Lunar Node axis at 29º Leo/Aquarius. Tillerson’s Sun in early Aries has the same aspects, but with wider orbs. In both charts, the Lunar Node axis was perfectly hit by the recent Solar Eclipse. Last week, when their mutual stories emerged, transiting Jupiter was in the last degree of Libra, activating this underlying karmic configuration. Very similar horoscopes, simultaneous breaking news, but with very different outcomes based on lifestyle choices.

Pop Quiz: Can you spot why Weinstein disrespects women while Tillerson honors them? Hint, look to the Moon’s location and aspects.

* See The Atlantic for background and scenarios going forward: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017/10/iran-deal-trump-next/542379/

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