NewsScope for August 14, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

U.S.–South Korea War Games to Start August 21

Every year the U.S. and South Korean military stage a joint military exercise, a practice that North Korea has always perceived as being highly provocative. Despite the war of words between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, the Pentagon stated that the war games will continue as planned. This comes at a time when North Korea plans to test fire missiles near Guam.

The war games begin on August 21, the same day as the Solar Eclipse. For the astrological community, nothing could be more ominous. As described here last week, the Solar Eclipse aligns with North Korea’s Saturn and Donald Trump’s Mars, both in late Leo. On Trump’s A*C*G* map, his Mars is on the Descendant on a line that goes right through North Korea.

Confirming how active and volatile Trump’s Mars is right now, note that the other place he’s threatening military action is against Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro. The A*C*G* line denoting where Mars is on his Ascendant runs right through Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. In any case, the North Korean nuclear threat was bound to arise under someone’s watch, and it just happened to be with the bellicose Trump at the helm. Mercury will be retrograde during this entire drill – what could go wrong?

 Celebrity Chart

The joint exercise is scheduled to last through August 31, which coincidentally happens to be the day of Trump’s Mars Return. The chart for this astro-event features Jupiter at 21º Libra and Saturn at 21º Sagittarius, both exactly aligned with the U.S. Mars at 21º Gemini. And with Mercury retrograde and conjunct Trump’s Mars, small mistakes in judgment could lead to major confrontations or escalations. This is not a game.

The Fantasy-Industrial-Complex

A reader asks, "With opioid drug deaths on the rise, how is this reflected in the U.S. progressed natal chart or transits?" In the 1990s, an estimated 100 million Americans were diagnosed with chronic pain, which led to opioid pain relievers becoming the most prescribed class of medications in the nation. Deaths from opioid abuse now surpass the number of fatalities in car accidents.

 Celebrity Chart

The U.S. horoscope features a Mars-Neptune square which is naturally prone to drug use and abuse. Deploying Black Moon Lilith in the chart, we see that Lilith is conjunct Neptune, adding a more sinister dimension to this configuration. Of course, the Mars-Neptune aspect has a positive expression, perhaps most readily expressed as "The American Dream". Transiting Saturn at 21º Sagittarius is currently activating this dynamic, bringing renewed awareness of the opioid epidemic.

But by secondary progression, Mars entered the U.S. 12th house of institutions in 1985 when many Americans began looking for prescriptions to ease their pain. The escalation of American pain and opioid use can be tied to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1993, which squared progressed Mars in the 12th house, creating a health crisis associated with pain. And just last week, when transiting Pluto was exactly squaring this progressed Mars, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a "national emergency".

Progressed Mars in the 12th house may also describe a national escapist tendency that goes along with the natal Mars-Neptune square. Of course, the opioid crisis is only a symptom of a larger problem, and that is the loss of the American Dream and its potential to make every hard-working citizen healthy and wealthy. Under the auspices of the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction, the birth of the internet helped foster what is becoming known as the "Fantasy-Industrial-Complex", a numbed-out, dumbed-down make-believe world.

Ted Williams, American Master

The August 21 eclipse at 28º Leo will activate the horoscopes of many well known celebrities, not the least of which is Ted Williams, who has his Midheaven at the exact same degree. Last week, PBS announced that Williams’ stellar career with the Boston Red Sox will be featured in the PBS series "American Masters" -- the first baseball player to be so honored.

 Celebrity Chart

Ted Williams was born with his analytical Virgo Sun sextile Mars in Scorpio (August 30, 1918; 12:20 pm; San Diego, CA), and also sextile a Moon-Pluto-Jupiter triple conjunction in Cancer. This powerful configuration gave him the physical strength (Mars) and will power (Pluto) to achieve greatness. And he had an unusual emotional rapport with fans, especially in his hometown of Boston (Moon/Jupiter in Cancer).

A key reason Ted Williams became an American master is that several of his natal planets are closely aligned with the U.S. horoscope. His Mars at 8º Scorpio is precisely conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, making him the ideal athlete to portray America’s national image. He served three years in the Korean War, at the height of his physical prowess. Otherwise, he would certainly have broken Babe Ruth’s home run record.

Williams’ Uranus at 25º Aquarius is exactly conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. The Moon represents public opinion, the fans, while Williams’ Uranus there electrified the sports world with his amazing batting and fielding. Williams died on July 5, 2002 when transiting Uranus was at 28º Aquarius, precisely opposite his Midheaven, and within three degrees of his natal Uranus. The shock value of Uranus was evident in the post-mortem court fight over what to do with his body. His head is now cryonically frozen.

* For a profile of one of the strongest opioids, Fentanyl, see NewsScope for June 6, 2016.

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