Minor Square Aspects - Semisquare and Sesquiquadrate

The $100 Personal Path is a very good natal report - accurate, well-written, and complete - for all the standard planets and standard aspects, including to the Ascendant and Midheaven. Personal Path has always been our most popular add-on report. What Personal Path does not have, however, are interpretations for the 45-degree semisquare aspect (AKA octile) or the 135-degree sesquiquadrate aspect (AKA trioctile). Although called 'Minor Squares', these aspects are not minor at all -- Alan Leo regarded them as important enough to include their delineations in his 1906 book The Progressed Horoscope. The 45-degree semi-square is halfway between 0 degrees and 90 degrees. The 135-degree sesquiquadrate is halfway between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. These angles are naturally significant.

John Halloran worked from June to October of 2016 researching biographies and writing complete male and female interpretations for all the 45-degree and 135-degree natal aspects. If you order them for $100, you will receive updated Male Female Aspects files. Depending on what you have ordered, the Male Female Aspects files for your AstrolDeluxe program can also contain Moon's Node aspect interpretations and Black Moon Lilith aspect interpretations. After researching and writing a complete set of Chiron interpretations starting in June of 2014, I found substantial differences in how the Moon's Nodes manifested between males and females, so I started the two different Male Female Aspects files. You must have version 8.6 or higher of AstrolDeluxe in order for the separate male/female interpretations to be automatically incorporated into your Personal Path or Spirit Success natal interpretation reports.

The newly delineated aspect points appear to be important for bringing a person into contact with higher consciousness. The charts of prolific writers Elizabeth Gilbert and Colin Wilson will be used to illustrate this effect. Elizabeth's 2006 travel book Eat, Pray, Love spent over 200 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List. Colin's 1956 bestseller The Outsider began a career during which he wrote 118 books.

Click here to see the Astrology for Elizabeth Gilbert, with 11 of our new aspect interpretations.

Click here to see the Astrology for Colin Wilson, with 21 of our new aspect interpretations.

You can get all these new interpretations as well as my Chiron interpretations bundled together at a discount price. Look on the order form for:

Bundle of separate male and female Halloran Minor Square Aspect, Black Moon Lilith, and Moon's Node aspect interpretations, plus Chiron interpretations - professional interpretations for AstrolDeluxe - $300.00 $265.00

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