Version 10.2 of AstrolDeluxe Platinum

Planetary Dyad Phases

Version 10.2.1 adds Planet Dyad Phases to Display, Chart Analysis. This addition appears in between the Critical Degrees and the Moon Phase. The five selected planetary dyads, which are in addition to the Sun/Moon dyad, and which are interpreted in the Cosmopsychology: The Engine of Destiny book by Marc Robertson (available from the American Federation of Astrologers), are:


The possible phases are:

New-Crescent Cusp
Crescent-First Quarter Cusp
First Quarter
First Quarter-Gibbous Cusp
Gibbous-Full Cusp
Waning-Disseminating Cusp
Disseminating-Last Quarter Cusp
Last Quarter
Last Quarter-Balsamic Cusp
Balsamic-New Cusp

Marc Robertson was an advanced astrology teacher from the same humanistic school of astrology as Michael R. Meyer, on whose handbook the Chart Analysis page was originally based. Both were inspired by Dane Rudhyar, who pioneered the Lunation Cycle.

Robertson thinks of the planets as being in RELATIONSHIP CYCLES that have the same phases as the Lunation Cycle between the Moon and the Sun. The faster of the two planets in the pair is like the Moon which moves relative to the slower of the two planets. On page 32, Robertson discusses the cycle between the pair, and says that their mutual planetary aspects are structured by the cycle, and their MEANING and PURPOSE are determined WITHIN the cycle. In a section entitled "We have a purpose," Robertson writes that the sky pattern that was overhead when you took your first breath defines the role that you were meant to live out on your journey, the special purpose and unique individual function that you were meant to perform. On page 4, he says that when he looks at a client's birth chart, "I want to help him become more himself than it has been possible, so far, to be."

I discovered the late Marc Robertson when I created the Portal to Astrologers' Memorial at


Declination Synastry Interpretations

The AstrolDeluxe Help manual describes a Comparison Report Order Command that appears to have been present since version 6.3 called DoDeclinationAspects, described as follows: "This command prints the delineations for all of the synastry declination aspects sorted in order of orb width, from close to wide. You must have entered delineations for the parallel and contraparallel declination aspects in the Edit Interpretations program."

No one has ever created declination synastry interpretations. However, I realized that it was programmatically possible to interpret declination parallel and contraparallel aspects between two people's charts just by using and renaming the StarMatch zodiacal conjunction and opposition interpretations.

So version 10.2 improves the command DoDeclinationAspects so that if the program does not find the parallel or contraparallel search string in the interpretation file, it searches instead for the conjunction and opposition aspects whose interpretations are then presented as being for the parallel and contraparallel declination synastry aspects.

I debugged the DoDeclinationAspects command and created a compatibility report template called "Declination Only" that implements this command. When you have a biwheel on the screen from having compared one chart to another, you click on Interpret, Report Options and using the Report Template listbox at the upper middle you select Declination Only. If you do not see Declination Only in the listbox, select File and Restore Default Templates. So with Declination Only then selected you close Report Options and click on Interpret, Create Report. The pop-up form should show at the bottom "Using template: Declination Only. " At the top, the pop-up form should say "Found interpretations: StarMatch, " which is the smpro1.hsm file. To illustrate the new report, here are the opening two paragraphs for Sean Penn and Madonna Ciccone:

Mutual Declination Aspects

Sean's Pluto parallel Madonna's Midheaven (Orb: 0° 08' )

You have mutual interests and concerns regarding the state of society and could join forces to bring about needed reforms. Sean can influence Madonna's career advancement for the better by encouraging Madonna to be more powerful professionally. In turn, Sean will benefit from Madonna's material success.

Sean's Venus contraparallel Madonna's Jupiter (Orb: 0° 12' )

You enjoy each other's company and have many interests in common. You encourage optimism, self-confidence and good health in each other and are mutually generous and sympathetic. The relationship could help you both grow artistically and/or spiritually. You are true friends in times of need and can work together to your mutual benefit.

The complete sample report is at:


There is also a sample report for Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe at:


So the interpretations are good and this alternate way of examining synastry between two people becomes available to anyone who has version 10.2 and the $100 StarMatch interpretations. It turns out that my wife and I have a mutual declination aspect that is exact to the minute and which makes our relationship appear fated, so this technique should be investigated for all couples.

For more complete details on version 10.2 improvements and fixes, scroll to the end of Release Notes for Version 10.2 of AstrolDeluxe Platinum

Sample In the Beginning reports for Elon Musk and Queen Elizabeth II

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